Twitter Files: Have Mean Girls Evelyn Lozada And Jennifer Williams Finally Turned On Each Other??

- By Bossip Staff

Who didn’t see this day coming?

On Sunday, in the midst of all of her birthday gratitude, Jennifer Williams tweeted some subliminal isht that might have flown under the radar:

Then she threw out this gem, which most people who care about such things automatically assumed was about her Reality TV BFF Evelyn Lozada.

Ever the one to let herself be amped up by the words of “non mothereffin’ factors,” Ev allowed Twitter instigators to bait her into a response.

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  • meme

    Of course she was! She knows Evelyn will expose her so she backtracked, just like she did when she talked about Chad on the radio. I don’t believe they are as close anymore as They would like to have us think. Jen is clearly scared of Eve. I hope they are beefing. That would be a epic season.

  • nikkislim

    Jen this just goes to show that E considers you aa n-m-f! She was quick to start with the threats of revealing all your dirty lil secrets. When will you realize she’s not your bff? Let that trick go. She’s not your friend because if she truly was she wouldn’t be threatening to tell all. She’s angry, broke and bitter. Ten years with AW and nothing to show for it but that broke down shoe store you NEVER see customers in. She tryin to get knocked up by Chad O to keep checks coming in. You on the other hand got a nice settlement from your ex. You don’t have to sleep around for purses and handbags. She’s clearly JEALOUS. Kick rocks at that b#*#*.

  • Blue Moon

    She’s scirrrred of Evelyn..and everyone else. Evelyn’s lack of morals self will not hesitate to put Jen’s dirty laundry out there.

  • Shea

    Umm, don’t Evelyn have Jenn phone #….why not call her if u thought she was calling u out…its not like Evelyn is the only friend Jennifer has damn that is just childish on Evelyn part…why do people take others comments so serious on FB & Twitter…

  • toya

    So unfortunate, and the saying goes that men mature later than women! Grow up ladies or should I say “girls”

  • J

    Evelyn is a dirty bi$&@.

  • jess

    Evelyn needs to grow up. Going on to 40…and still acting like a hoodrat. Goes to show you that you can take the girl out of the hood, but u sure cant take the hood out of the girl.

  • Mike Knight

    This is just pure stupidity. Who the hell cares? Ladies please act like ladies, damn. I’m with u Lisa, both chicks are Non MF Factors… Eve just pretty. lol

  • thats cray cray

    I was thinkn something was goin on between them two bcuz jenn has been out && about lately alongside mashonda && not EV ! Not sayin they have to be together all the time ! && if they are beefing that would make for an E P I C season ! Its crazy bcuz jenn used to be so reserved & laid back && now that she let ev bring her out of that she’s takn ev’s shine CTFU !

  • Bmarcushook

    I was wondering was Ev and Jen lovers this situation with them doesn’t make sense.season 2 Jen gave Ev her opinion about Chaz.

  • fabdupree

    I think jen shud leave eve alone she is low down and thinks she is the isht. Can’t even keep a man. But always tryn to get jen to sleep around like her a**


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