Lawsuits: Judge Gives Lebron James Shady “Daddy” A ‘Ho Sit Down’, Has His Case Thrown Out By

- By Bossip Staff

Lebron should be suing HIM for giving him that F’d up hairline…

According to TMZ reports:

LeBron James’ alleged father is full of it — legally speaking — which is why a judge just shot down the man’s lawsuit against ‘Bron … according to new court documents.

TMZ broke the story … Leicester Bryce Stovell sued LBJ and his mother Gloria last year … claiming they defamed him, blocked him from making money — and tampered with paternity test results that showed he was NOT LeBron’s father.

Now, a Washington, DC judge has dismissed all 8 claims in Stovell’s lawsuit. In the docs, the court said Stovell had insufficient facts to support his claims, and — among other things, “had not identified any damages.”

As for Stovell’s belief he could have earned big money — the court said, “Apparently Stovell believes that companies are willing to pay him for being the father of LeBron James.” Not shockingly … the court once again said Stovell has no proof to back that claim.

Stovell — a lawyer who claims he knocked up Gloria after a one-night stand — tells TMZ he still thinks there is “a likelihood” he’s LeBron’s biological pop … and he wants to retake a DNA test.

He also says he might appeal the dismissal.

Guess Poppa James thought he was gonna be stuntin’ like his son…SMH

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  • southernswagg

    I thinks its f***d up that yet another dead beat azz nuthin azz n*gga has has a son and has had no part of his life or upbringin but wants to cash in on his sons success now that he’s doin well..this n*gga and n*ggas like him don’t even deserve to be called men they are a disgrace…and should be ashamed…take care of yur kids or stop havin the muhf*ccas!!!

  • Steelcitychick

    Dude really needs help….first off, he’s not LBJ’s pappy! For another, DNA excluded him already, and lastley, he is not LBJ’s pappy….what part of “You are not the father!”.. doesn’t dude understand!?

  • Steelcitychick

    And anothet thought…..even if dude is LBJ’s pappy….what’s he gonna due….sue for back parental support!? I’m sure hat would be evened out once dude pays LeBrons mother for back child support!….dumb azz

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