ChitChatter: Did Solange Knowles Spills The Beans About The Sex Of Baby Bump Bey-Bey And Hubby Hov’s Child??

- By Bossip Staff

Loose lips sink ships…

Solange Knowles says she’s a proud auntie already, even though Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby hasn’t arrived yet. And the parents know the baby’s gender and have started thinking of names.

At a New York Fashion Week party at Denise Rich’s penthouse overlooking Central Park, Solange said she’s known about Beyonce’s pregnancy for awhile. “I certainly didn’t find out the way you guys did,” she said, referring to Beyonce’s baby-bump display at the MTV Video Music Awards last month.

Solange – dressed in a yellow Thakoon dress and Fendi shoes — said the couple already knows the baby’s gender, and has been choosing a name, but both are being kept under wraps for now. Solange, herself a mother, just relocated to Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, from Los Angeles, and sent her son to first grade this past week. She’s also working on a new record.

All in all this isn’t so bad, but as private as Bey and Jay are we’re sure they probably rather Solo not have even said this much.

What do you think the music’s First Family is set to have a boy or girl?

What are some good names for the baby?


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  • gina

    God gives life and with love your parents give you your name. I pray that the child is proud of its given name and when grown up acknownledges the honor. I really like my “real” name its history and the person my parents named me after 🙂

  • Beyonka

    Where’s the bean spilling. SMDH
    Y’all launched me so bad with the title!

  • yaa

    Its gonna be a boy Bey comes from a fam of girls n Jay already has a son so its bound to be a Prince which i hope they name
    Clearence Knight Knowles- Carter

  • Maurice

    Maurice reblogged this from I Don't Make The News.

  • m0calady

    Jay always said if he had a girl he would name her Brooklyn.
    So let’s just see with that….

  • Cheryl

    Boy….Matthew Conner Carter
    Girl….Brooklyn Paige Carter
    Boy….Kingston Knowles Carter


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