Were You Watching “Basketball Wives L.A.”: Would You Ever Give Up On Dating Within Your Own Race?

- By Bossip Staff

Did you guys watch last night’s episode of “Angry Birds” “Basketball Wives: L.A.”? The episode got off to an interesting start when Laura Govan met up with Jackie Christie and Laura revealed just how bad the relationship with Gilbert got when she said “Once you go black you don’t ever want to go back,” pretty much saying that dude put her off of black guys…

Would you ever turn your back on your race? What would it take to get you there?

Keep reading for more things that made us say hmmmmmmm…

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  • KJ

    She not black.

  • TyTy

    She’s not black tho,so she’s not turning on her own race….

  • geekryderz

    Its no different from a woman getting tired of men period and messing with women….. Do what makes u happy… Thats all that matters…..

  • Yamdya

    I’m giving up my black heritage period. Its humiliating that every time you look up a black author is writing a book to down grade our race, conspiracys,or junk about black men being failures,or blk fmls being to aggressive,down low brothers,colored girl,precious,these stories are all more common in the white race,im tired of having the world look at us like we are dumb as hell! Imagine if white people wrote a book called the ‘the down low whiteman’ or ‘why white men prefer black women’ this wont happen they have to much respect for themselves.

  • Ohsoglamm

    I totally disagree!! Why give up on your own culture what kind of mess is that? You think white folks looking at you bad now continue to go around saying you no longer want to be black and see how they look at you then.. God made us in his image so saying you hate who you are is just like saying you hate God. Pray on the situation and practice loving your self and hopefully you can find peace in your situation. Men in every race will cheat, lie and treat you bad if you LET them.. Once again love yourself!!!

  • Tameshia

    VH1 has clearly “JUMPED THE SHARK” with the LA segment of Basketball Wives!

  • Jessica

    The show is a waste … Boring !!!!

  • Noname

    She is black. Her dad is black and her mom is Mexican.

  • The truth

    @noname…….if she is half nlack half mexican, how does that make her black? she is mixed.

  • Snl

    Black men do it all the time… Plus shes mixed anyways; so she is partially black gloria said that I’m the 1st season to Evelyn that they are hating on her cuz shes mixed and that’s glorias sister.

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