We Used To Be Tight! A History Of Friends That Turned To Bitter Enemies

- By Bossip Staff

It seems like becoming famous makes things turn around when it comes to friends. People that started off as best buds can turn to enemies overnight.

Let’s take a look at some friends that ended up on each other’s bad sides. It was all good a week ago…

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  • http://t4d1s3@yahoo.com thatslife

    Whoever wrote this article is funny. A word 2 the wise tho: People r put n our lives 4 a reason. Some of them will b here 2day and gone 2morrow. Just look at the lessons and count the blessings. Life is 2 short and precious 2 hold gudges and b negative.

  • KissableNipple

    WTF really happened between J and Dame?! Was Jay-z talking about Dame is one of his lyrics saying: Dig a hole, bury yourself”?! WOW

    Anyhow, I never liked Dame anyways… Have u seem Dame lately? That fool looking bummy as hell and still got the nerve to talk like he a Boss! Please

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