Crime Pays: The Kang’s Clothing Line AKOO Made It Rain While He Sat In The Whoscow…Twice

- By Bossip Staff

Makin’ money in jail, now THAT’S a Grand Hustle!

According to TMZ reports:

Prison doesn’t totally suck … at least for T.I. … because TMZ has learned, sales for the rapper’s clothing line skyrocketed while he was in the pokey.

A rep for AKOO clothing tells TMZ, the company’s sales soared by 25% in the last year … while the rapper served time for drug possession.

The company rep said they hadn’t seen such a surge in popularity since T.I.’s MTV reality show “Road to Redemption” premiered in 2009.

The rep says they’re preparing for another spike in sales — when T.I. is set free next week after completing his drug sentence.

So crime does pay?

Is the Illuminati watching over T.I.?? Because this negro continues to find himself in one dumb situation after another and still ends up winning. Play on playa…

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  • nikkislim

    I luvs me some TI!

    I just hope he’s tried of and done with jail.

  • nikkislim

    ** I just hope he’s tired of and done with jail*s

  • nikkislim

    ** I just hope he’s tired of and done with jail**

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