Which One Would You Hit??? Lil Wayne VS. Herman Cain

- By Bossip Staff

Let’s stir up the pot a lil bit shall we?

Republican Presidential candidate hopeful Herman Cain may not be the object of thirsty hoes drooling women’s affection, but hell, Lil Wayne ain’t no muscle-bound centerfold his damn self.

So ladies, we ask you, which one of these polar-opposite brothas would you let chop down your backs?

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  • gina

    Stop…those scary thoughts about both!

  • prissa

    Lil Wayne can get it. Honestly, when not smiling, he’s actually nice looking IMHO.

  • lighty

    This Petty But Wayne Wins Hands Down.

  • Steelcitychick

    If I were big enough…….I’d pick Wayne up and hit Cain with his skrawny little azz!
    That’s the only way I’d hit either one of these idiots!

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