BBWLA Laura Govan: Draya Is A Hustler But She’ll Never Have A House… She Is What She Is!

- By Bossip Staff

Can you say shots fired! Laura Govan did an interview with a DC radio show speaking on being back with baby daddy Gilbert Arenas and also did not hesitate to hold her tongue about Basketball Wives L.A. cast mate Draya.

On Draya:
I think Draya is a good person but Draya is a hustler. At the end of the day, I would classify her to be a groupie or a gold digger. She is what she is and she stays in her lane and I can’t knock her hustle and I don’t.

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  • Welp

    Well she still isn’t a wife soooo, she’s only a step up from a groupie being a baby mama. And no not his children’s mom, a baby mama. She talks about Draya but Draya isn’t fighting in restaurants.

  • Barbra

    4 kids and 10 years……….and she’s still not a wife??? She needs to step HER game up!!!!

  • Mila

    Funny how she went on and on about Draya,but as soon as the ? About her and Shaq came up she was quick to say let’s move on.She is clearly a hater.And cleary things between her and Ron aren’t so good..yeah you’ve been together 10yrs,4kids and still no marriage?Oh Hell Naw!!

  • jessa

    She called draya a groupie gold digger and says thats her lane well hoe homewrecker is her lane ohhh and may i add hood”RAT” (:

  • MyLoves3

    She sounds so uneducated!! Smh, looks like all she will ever be is a professional babymama.

  • Txchk

    If she took one step back and looked in the mirror…she would know she should not have done this interview. Bit*** are soooooo worried about the next chk that they can’t see themselves for what THEY really are. Laura Laura Laura…SMH!!!

  • myopinion

    Now I can see one or two kids, but four with no ring? Then she popped them out back to back so the only thing that would help her body is surgery.She is worse than a groupie. A groupie uses their body to make money. She set herself up as a baby mother to live off child support. If it was about her kids, wouldn’t see be able to see that their relationship wasn’t stable enough to keep bringing in theses babies. She has a newborn and they were just split up. Bottom line is that she is in no position to down anyone.

  • ChicaChe


  • ChicaChe


  • keyanna

    Pure ignorance! She contradicted herself so many times in one short interview. I don’t even think she knows what she’s saying. IMO the only woman that should have anything to say on that show is Jaquie, Malaysia and Tonya. The rest of them are all in the same category. Dreya shouldn’t have to prove anything to those old broads.


    What new “math” is this?! 1 baby mama+4 kids –

    0 house, ring and husband? Isn’t she technically in the same boat as Draya? And why is Draya always the topic of the BBW LA wives conversation?

  • homicidalbrainiac

    I wish there was a counter on the bottom of each episode so we could see just how many times these women mention the name “Draya”. It’s getting ridiculous. I don’t know much about her past, but at this point in the season, I enjoy Draya most out of the other ladies in the cast.

  • Harley Quinn

    “Draya walks a fine line but she owns her lane and you have to respect that but at the end of the day, groupies and gold diggers don’t co-exist.”–So in which category is Laura claiming- groupie or gold digger? This is why command of the English language is oh-so important. While trying to dole out a back handed complement, Laura has unwittingly included herself in a group from which she’ so desperately trying to distance herself. She should get off Draya’s back and learn some basic sentence structure if she intends to feign relevance by insulting others in interviews.

  • Just keeping it real

    BBWLA needs Draya to hype the show up, because if it wasn’t for her being the topic of every episode, the show would be a complete bore. Frankly none of them are in any place to judge anyone. I’m sure they have did their fair share of thirsty behavior to nab the “ballers” they have/had. Laura is way out of line for this interview. 4 kids in 10 years with no ring and a break-up during pregnancy is nothing to brag about nor give her the status to talk about Draya as she did. She spent more time discussing that women then she did her own issues. #birds

  • Lovely T

    Draya doesn’t have a house? ….. According to her, she doesn’t either. She lives in a 2 bedroom with 4 kids??? Where’s her house? Don’t talk about anyone when ur not too far from the edge yourself. You’re not a bbw. Neither is Draya. You sometimes date ur athelete when HE feels like it. Draya dates. Ur stuck with 4 kids. Draya not so. If Draya is a gold digger, so are you. Just using ur babies to dig the gold. I’m not taking sides but she sound dumb as hell.

  • WTF

    I am a big fan of both shows but why are they hating so much? They all are da same wife or no wife, cuz even the wives been thru untold BS. It seems like all or most famous men cheat and if you know it and stay then what does that make you? Draya is doin the same things they did(I’m only 2 sure) only theirs isn’t in the public eye. And to top it off who in their right mind is engaged for 9 years? I will answer dumbazz chicks smh

  • SumfinMakuWanngoUmpff

    I like these shows but y do u feel u must stand on another to feel tall? Laura’s showed another side of herself she is so desperately trying to hide behind that devious smile. Putting others down & spewing hatred in a sneaky underhanded way is wrong. Then she thinks abt. It after she involves others & tries to run back & fix it. She is gonna get somebody hurt. It’ll probably be Gloria (her immature smart-a$$ sister), if she keeps thinking she can sell idol threats. Just trying 2 keep her stupidity out of the lImelight!! Too late. Either woman up, make the best of it, make your well-needed “paper” & stop knocking others for being them. AND WHO THE HE77 R THEY 2B INNITIATED 2 GET NEXT 2??? PLEASE!!! ROTFCMAUOL

  • Truth

    Draya does no more than all us other women!! She juss verbalized hers to the world!! Shes young single so do your thing

  • Dee

    Why does she sound like Evelyn Lozada! Stay in your lane Laura. Obviously, 10 years hasn’t secured your place as a basketball wife….only a baby mama. You and Gloria are in the same boat.

  • BoyITellYou

    Look at the tea kettle calling the coffee pot black… Contradictions and lies all in this interview…I’m not mad at Draya…you like what you like…if you can get a baller get a baller…this man using this chick as a baby producer…no intentions on loving marring her…lol…

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  • simplychoice

    Look i think these women on the show need to sit there old tired butts down you are just mad and insecure because my girl Dreya looks better than any of you put together shes young and i dont think any of your old played husbands are her type stop hating Laura and get a lapband!!!!!!

  • Smartypants

    I have stopped watching this ridiculous show. Kimsha. Artest is no longer on the show, and if it was her decision, it was smart one!! Apart christie’s wife, and malaysia, the rest are baby mamas!! Ten years and no ring? And the little uppity Gloria who is still not married, needs to lay off of draya none of them are perfect. As for the hulk Laura, she has alot of nerve commenting on Internet gossip dray. Wasn’t she shaq’s mistress?

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