New Jawns: “I’m So Paid” & “Therapy”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here’s Akon’s new jawn, “I’m So Paid” featuring Lil Wayne and Jeezy. Then on the bottom we have Kanye with T-Pain. Obviously Yeezy knows that if you choke a b*tch, we’ll be the first to put you on blast so stay on your A-game.

Check out “Therapy” at the 2:37 mark and a snippet of the lyrics below.

“Remember those nights on the kitchen sink

I was choking you in good way, good way

Now we in the streets and I’m choking you in a hood way, hood way

When the cops come what I could say

You know how all that gossip is

Next morning Bossip, Perez…”

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  • gabby


  • PREGG0


  • P

    JAWN is a stupid stupid word.

  • Ermy Erm

    Sick of T-Pain…his wife musta left him cuz he been talkin bout masterbatin alot lately

  • HarlemWorld

    Yeezy slap these hos…

  • always knew

    that was a good look…

  • always knew

    Men, your place is supposed to be honor, love and protect, all this other crap is completely unnecessary and uncalled for…When you act like a boy, you get treated accordingly… Get it together, guys and don’t believe everything you hear…Some of this crap, people promote, ends up costing you more than just trying to be cool and fit in…I’m not supposed to fear or be afraid of any man, but if you start that ish–Trust and please believe me when I tell you, I will finish it….Relationships are supposed to be about people who care about each other…Not disrespect, we can and have to do better than this. If we don’t stop it, we will always be divided and untrusting of each other…

  • Pynk

    Jawn? What is that? I’ve never used that word before or heard it used until I came to this site.

  • Dyma

    Big up Tami Chynn in the vid doing her thing

  • noelle

    Nice Show Me What You Got Jay-Z video knock off.

    Here’s T Pain’s new jawns, “I’m So Paid” featuring Lil Wayne and Jeezy and “Therapy” featuring Kanye. Obviously Yeezy knows that if you choke a b*tch, we’ll be the first to put you on blast so stay on your A-game.

    so did T-Pian produce it, or do you just not like Akorn?

  • MeLLoWMoOdd


  • JorgeOoOoOo

    Jawn is the lamest word ever created. I don’t know what kind of fools go around saying that crap.

  • Oshie's Weekend Madness

    Woo! Perez!



    What in the Sam Hill are you doing?

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