Lil Kim’s Face Is Stuck

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

LL, Rocsi, Blood Diamond Russ, and Lil Kimwood, attended the, I AM C.H.A.N.G.E! Get Out The Vote party. Comparing Kim’s original face to her current Jack Nicholson grin, I AM C.H.A.N.G.E should be her motto.

Check out the rest of the pictures below.

One more picture of the female Norwood below.

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  • Hannibal (NAA MEK MI VEX, MON!)

  • Hannibal (NAA MEK MI VEX, MON!)


  • Tracey

    Tis it me or is lil kim looking more and more like wacko jacko by the hour?

  • blaq

    Kim where do I began, she was such a beautiful girl and fiyah on the mic. Lay off the botox baby, but it is nice to see you in sophisticated attire.

  • The Bear (I bleed swagger)

    Kimberly was so pretty before all the surgery. Shame…

  • Special K

    Yeah she has some serious body image issues because nothing was wrong with her other than her teeth could have used work but other than that she was good. After she got her teeth fixed she should have stopped.

    @ Hannibal

    are you really voting for McCain?

  • Hannibal (NAA MEK MI VEX, MON!)



  • shyhomie

    Aww, I used love me some Kim.

  • Real Black dude

    Rocsi is so pretty. I love that chick!

  • Nina Knows

    How can I be expected to think Kim is cute, when apparently she dont (or didnt)

  • blaq

    @ Nina

    true, she’s definitely been under the knife, but that botox makes everything look so severe. We are beautiful with out big lips and big noses, leave that plastic surgery to the ones who really need it. (And it ain’t us)

  • Special K

    @ Hannibal

    You should do what you feel I was just asking a question if that is what your heart and mind tell you then absolutely have at it. you were putting it out there so I decided to ask.

  • Don't mind me

    See the magic of make up Lil kim didn’t look like the last post I saw she looked like a mix between chucky and lil miss piggy It works miracles for those who need em

  • always knew

    I just thik she was prettier, BEFORE having SURGERY…Now she looks like a clown, but I have to admit, she looks much better here, than she did in her last picture on this site…She should leave the knives alone…Find another hobby, instead of the addiction to surgery…But, whatever makes you happy, be my guest….NEXT!..

  • noelle

    their is our other new up and coming ho Rocsi!!! Get em girl!

  • as seen on t.v.(my gravie went to Harvard with our next president)

    She looks like an asian tranny:wow:

  • it's me dammit!!!

    Who is the man behind Lil Kim, is he related to Russell Simmons, they kinda look alike, I remember seeing him on “the I want to Work for Diddy” show, who is he????

  • Anton Slizzardhands

    Lil Kimz is yucky

  • Chae

    All I want to know is do LL have any other clothes?? In every pic, he has on the same hat, sunglasses, t-shirt, and hoodie. Just different colors!!

  • Ermy Erm

    smh @ Kim…she look hella weird

  • Lady D

    Kim’s face looks like porcelain… Kind of like the V for Vendetta guy. I like how Rocsi’s face just says BDR is secretly touching her booty… Or it could be gas.

  • chanicani

    I have to agree with all the posters who said that Lil’ Kim looks good in these pics.No Frank Sinatra/Ol’ Blue Eyes looking contacts;Absence of Blond/Strawberry Blond/Borderline Orange weave;and a redone rhinoplasty.Lookin’…Much better.

  • Lady D

    The only reason I think Kim looks like the spokeswoman for “Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong”, is because I don’t think she needed any work at all from the beginning. Look at her on the cover of her Hard Core album… She was way better then.

  • Shonny

    Is she bleaching her skin too? Aww come on now, she is not really that old to be having all this surgery. In fact this is make her look old as hell.

    LL is always lookin good 😉 and he is older than her lol



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