Were You Watching?: If Prince And Antoine Dodson Had A Man Child, It Would Look Like This… Meet Siameze Floyd [Video]

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Terrell Carter Audition

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You might take a look at this guy and say “He looks familiar!” Well, you’re right… Terrell Carter is an actor that has appeared in a number of plays and also in Tyler Perry’s first movie “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”. His role was at the end, the preacher singing “Father Can You Hear Me”.

He also was apart of a photo scandal, where his ex-boyfriend outed him after a bad break-up… Click HERE to refresh your memory!

Geo Godly Audition

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Man, if you have to drop your pants to get a reaction and your package gets boo’d… Your DONE!! SMH @ Paula Abdul walking off stage because she became sick to her stomach but Pure Comedy for Simon calling her out when she came back!

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  • Steelcitychick

    Lol…he looks like Rihanna…except more talented!

  • gina

    It is what it is……a male thang!

  • AriesGirl504

    This little man gave me & my friends the BIGGEST laugh today! Ahhh man, I haven’t laughed that hard in a minute, he was just a mess of people combined in one. Smh… pure hilarity!



  • Ms.Live@5

    Nooooo that’s Rihanna for sure got be some relation. Daddy gets around Lol:-p Can’t miss that forehead anywhere Rihanna style SMH+LMFAO…

  • amethyst

    Listen! This guy had me rollin! All that purple rain sh!t he was doin on stage was the most!!

  • esse esse

    he sho was luvin all the attention from the ladies…(i dunno who the heck would b tryna get it in w/him)but after hittin the floor in dem tite a$$ jeans…he probably will never b able to reproduce…what a BALLBUSTER…literally…smdh

  • yaa

    Dream killers not needed in this world…StaceyFrancis can sing for sure….im still crying…Sianeze belongs in vegas

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