Knocked Up And Engaged: Did Jessica White Steal BeyBey’s Shine At Her Pulse Perfume Launch?

- By Bossip Staff

BeyBey put that bump to work again last night, this time at the launch party for her Pulse fragrance. Bey snazzed up her gut full of Camel in a sequined blue minidress and matching blazer. But she wasn’t the only one blingin’.

Jessica White stole some of the shine when she started flossin’ her huge engagement ring. Guess somebody knocked the cobwebs off that thang. Jess was talking that celibacy yang just a few months ago!

Watch the video HERE

More shots from the launch below:


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  • Vajinalosity

    Jessica was killing it…go girl!!!!!!!

  • LisaLuvless

    Jessica Black won’t be making it down the isle with her ran through azz, only sl*ts talk about their sexuality and announce to the world they’re celibate. Most girls don’t take D and you would never know it. Jessica also looks like she smells like poo..

    I don’t like Beyawnce’s outfit… My mom has one like it too..

  • sho is good!

    Didn’t Toni Braxton have an album named “Pulse”? She is a copyrat! Smh

  • gina

    Beautiful Beyonce…..yea Gurl show them a female can rock it and respect her baby belly!

  • lmao at the haters

    Toni braxton? Who is that? Beyonce got her haters so jealous that they make up reasons 2 hate on her. Lmao!!! Bey baby is more rich & famous than her haters will ever be. Keep making em mad king b! She looks so beautiful btw.

  • I aint hatin im just sayin

    How do you brag about somebody else being rich and famous? O_o

  • BeYawnce's biggest Not a Fan!!!!

    Cosign @ I ain’t hatin’ I’m just sayin’….. These fans and Stans are insane! BeWackce is their religion and their God! They be ready to kill u talkin’ about they’re beloved BeWACKce! Just pitiful! SMDH!!!!!

  • just sayin

    @mila B jacket got caught in her shoe. That wasnt her fault. That was a wardrobe malfunction that made her fall. And i agree with lmao. Haters aint got nothing better to do. Its a difference between bragging and just speaking the truth. And i love how B haters are just as obsessed with B’s stans as they say the stans are of bey. Pot calling the kettle black? I think so.

  • 7lady

    Why if u like Bey u gotta be a stan? I like her but ain’t sh*t stan about me. I bet these dudes and nikki minaj they go crazy about they dont call themselves a stan. Smh If u don’t like her why click on her post? Stars I’m not crazy about I don’t click on the sh*t. Smh

  • I aint hatin im just sayin

    @just sayin call it what you want but just cause I’m not bragging about rich SHE IS doesn’t mean I’m hating on her. And I do like beyonce I’m just not obsessed.


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