Ah Hell Naw: Erykah Badu’s Hairdresser Is Humiliated As Her 20 Year-Old Afro Was Searched By TSA!

- By Bossip Staff

What part of the game is this?!?

It seems a Texas woman’s hair was a little too big for passenger screeners.

So, her flamboyant ‘fro was checked for explosives!

This the story of a woman trying to fly out of Atlanta with her hair in the upright position. Prepare for turbulence.

“I saw these people running talking about, ‘Hey lady! Stop! Stop! You! You, with the big hair'” said Isis Brantley.

Brantley is a Dallas hairdresser who counts singer Erykah Badu among her clients and specializes in natural hair. So naturally, she’s been growing hers for 20 years.

“I said, ‘What’s the problem?’ and he said, um, ‘We have to check your hair for explosives.’ I said, ‘You’re kidding me,'” She said.

She had already been through security, but when TSA agents said submit to a hair search or miss your flight, Isis submitted.

“She started digging around in my hair, several times, just touching it and digging and I said ‘Find the explosives? Do you see any?'” said Brantley.

Sounds completely out of pocket right?

Brantley got so upset she cried.

“This is humiliating and embarrassing,” she said.

[Reporter]: “Will you grant, though, that because there’s so much of your hair, you could actually be hiding something in it?”

“Was Dolly Parton hiding something in her hair? Does, or was Cher hiding something in her hair?” she said.


TSA says that they asked Ms. Brantley if she would submit to a private screening and she vehemently refused, so they gave her the ultimatum of the search or missing the flight.

Was TSA out of pocket for patting down her afro, or is this just a safety precaution for the world we live in nowadays?

Click Here to See The Video Of Isis Brantley Explaining Her Afro Incident!


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  • ScoutF

    Yes it was necessary.

  • sexxy

    It is a safety precautions for the world we live in,they can search all they want……

  • ijs

    I don’t think it was out of pocket at all! Bell do what you have to do; the first time someone pulls some contraband out of somewhere “we” didn’t want searched we will be up in arms! The offered a private screening she refused…now she is humiliated? I want to be safe when I fly and don’t give a freak what they have to search…shoot my mom had an artificial leg shoot yeah search it, wand it whatever just want to board and feel safe…a black woman who has had to be search again because of my hair

  • MattieJae_ent

    I have dreads and know many people who conceal different things in their hair:
    I mean I look up to stylist but at the end of the day, TSA is the authority of the situation.

  • Got that right

    Search her if you want, but you better damn well search everybody even white women with stringy hair. Then it’s fair. If not then its discrimination.

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    […] be a political statement. This is true for black women, like Audrey Lorde and Isis Brantley, Erykah Badu’s hairstylist who was forced to have her afro searched at the Atlanta airport, who encounter stereotypes that center on hair, but run much deeper. However, hair can be a […]

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