Some Twitpic Randomness: Mo And Kita Show Off Their Bodies In ‘Kinis

- By Bossip Staff

Terrell Owens' Partners In Crime "Mo And Kita" Show Off Their Bikini Bodies

Here are T.O.’s homies Mo and Kita in bikinis on Twitter.

Why? Because T.O. told Mo, who is a mother of three kids under the age of 5, that she was fat. Why? Because T.O.

Fellas, which one would you hit?

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  • tbird

    Forget T.O….his black arse love him some crackers anyways. Both of those women are gorgeous he is so whitewashed its a shame

  • Lost

    Don’t like Neither, but if Month looks like that (mother of 3 under 5years old), then hats down to her for at least taking care of herself. Some females gain 50+ pounds & stay like that with just one kid.

  • raeday

    t o is an a**hole! Sometimes i really hate black men! Yall just really put me through it! But i luv yall just the same uhmmm your skin your swagw

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