Who’s The Greatest? Which Of These Black Female Vocalists Would You Crown Queen??

- By Bossip Staff
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All of these ladies be SANGIN’, but who would you say is the cream of the crop??

There has always been a huge debate about “Who is the best rapper of all-time?”, and while we love our MCs, we felt it was time to show some love to those who get busy on the mic without spitting hot bars of fury. There have been a bevy of soul-stirring, tear-jerking, mood-setting female vocalist that have graced us with their talents over the years from Nina Simone, to Patti LaBelle, to Lauryn Hill. We decided to round up some of the the best and let you, the readers, decide who stands and shines above them all.

Flip through to see your choices and an listen to one of their most classic songs.

Anita Baker

Aretha Franklin

Lauryn Hill

Robert Flack

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    Nina Simone

    Chaka Khan

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    • Nicey

      what! Whitney

    • November

      Jill Scott, Lauren Hill

    • Steelcitychick

      Whitney and Roberta

    • King

      Years ago…whitney. Now a days…beyonce

    • T. Deronn

      Anita B !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • PB&J

      Both Mariah & Whitney have gone downhill over the years (vocally).

    • mike

      Mariah Carey number one female artist of all time, the most number 1’s beside Elvis, whistle register 5 octave range. Ummm yeah none of those others even comes close

    • don

      I repect d legendary old divas but MiMI ND WHITNEY R FROM MY TIME

    • Ronda red 77

      God rest the dead, but Aaliyah? She was indeed a star, but for vocals on a list that includes Whitney Houston?!! Come on…smh…

    • Dolly

      While I love me some Beyonce…her name shouldn’t even be up there in the list, her voice in no way compares to these women..sorry

    • nappylogic

      Phyllis Hyman, son!

    • Dude

      Yall must be on that ish whitney on…..how yall gonna have aaliyah non singin self and beyawnce overrated self on here and not gladys knight??? Alicia Keys should be on here before those two

    • nappylogic

      Plus- I saw Sade in concert on 8/27 and she’s sh*ttin’ on every bisch under 40 (and some over)

    • ItzMe&imRIGHT

      Well because this Best Vocalist and NOT Best Performer Beyonce can’t win. For she is the baddest performer of all-time and no one can see her. Str8Up. But Best Vocalist on this list has to go to Patti Labelle or Chaka Khan. They got those Its showtime at the Apollo voices lol…

    • dame shame

      chaka khan hands down

    • jenay c.

      I don’t think Aaliyah should be on this list… Gladys Knight should be… The person I would pay money to go hear right now is Patti LaBelle…#HandsDown

    • stacie b.

      The best female vocals is Parties LaBelle n Gladys Knight. These other cats can sing. But these two women can SANG! These new girls don’t have anything on them. And lets not forget Shirley Murdoch and Lisa Fisher. But now Ill give it Jennifer Hudson. That heifer got some vocals. These young cats are ok. But the old ones was the TRUTH when it came to vocals!

    • Amethyst

      Whitney, Gladys, Patti. Lauryn Hill….everyone else (thumbs up)

    • bigrezide2000@yahoo.com

      Teena Marie!!!!

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