Pure Comedy: Epic Side-Eyes, Celebrity And Otherwise

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We understand sibling rivalry but damn…

We all enjoy a good side-eye from time to time (almost daily) and with that said we found some of the most hilarious examples we could from some of your favorite celebs! We also tossed in a few from “common folk” that were just too funny to pass up.

Flip through for a good laugh!

Michelle Obama throwin’ a mean one at the First Lady of France Carla Bruni…

So does First Lady of Cameroon Chatal Biya! Guess nobody like Carla Bruni a$$! SMH

Ayo, Playboy…

This lil girl is not feelin’ George Bush

Streets is watchin’, and so is Hov…

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    Cotdamn, Nene done channeled the Satan himself….

    Damn bish, why can’t you just be happy for the girl?


    One good side-eye…

    …deserves another!

    Those Obama ladies don’t F around!

    Zahara Jolie-Pitt: “Oh, that’s funny to you?”

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    • Mindy


    • sugadiva

      First lady Michelle is hilarious!!!!! I swear she looks like she wants to chop ol’ girl in the throat.

    • Kutta Mo.Fo.

      LOL at these pics. LMMFAO at Beyonce’s auntie, the First Lady of Cameroon.

    • whatever

      FIrst lady of camaroon looks just like beyonce’s future lol

    • girly

      Agreeded Cameroon looks like Beyonce future…..Hahahahahaha…..ain’t that the truth……splitting image of whats to come for her…. we’ll see how many ppl think she’s attractive then.

    • T

      Lmao at this psycho beyonce hater typing the same thing multiple times under different names. Damn u must be really jealous of bey. Bey will always be beautiful no matter what so get over it. Anyway that side eye of solange is the funniest. She got that jan brady side eye lol.

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