Student Suspended For Saying “I’m A Christian And I Think Gay Is Wrong” [Video]

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“There has been a history with this teacher in the class regarding homosexual topics,” Krause said. “The teacher had posted a picture of two men kissing on a wall that offended some of the students.”

Krause said the picture was posted on the teacher’s “world wall.”

“He told the students this is happening all over the world and you need to accept the fact that homosexuality is just part of our culture now,” Krause said.

The school district would not comment on why a teacher was discussing homosexuality in a ninth grade German class.

“In German class there should be no talk of being pro-Gay or homosexual topics,” Krause said.

Dakota’s mother said she believes the teacher should apologize.

“He should never have been punished,” Pope said. “He didn’t disrupt the class. He wasn’t threatening. He wasn’t hostile. He made a comment to his friend and the teacher overheard it.”


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  • Gia

    It’s funny because that was the view of so many people like 15 years ago. People have the right to have their own opinions.

  • Nicole Speaks

    And that’s his right to feel that way. Everyone is not going to agree with the homosexual lifestyle and you can’t force them to. I could understand the punishment if he was acting like a Westboro psycho and damning gays to hell, but he wasn’t. That teacher is an idiot.

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