Thee Footage Of Fabolous Performing With A Knot On His Head: He Says It’s Doctored, But You Be The Judge! [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Fab says people are lying. We know the site mentioned in his tweet fabricates stuff, but we have no reason to make this mess up or any reason to alter the video we have. At the 31 & 32 second mark, you must pause the video and make the assessment yourself… “Is That A Knot On The Side Of Fabo’s Dome?”

Turn the page and peep the video

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  • Funny Man

    Hey Fab, you got knocked the F*** Out!

  • Jay

    Who would doctor a tape with Fab? I mean a real A lister maybe but Fab?!? Come on now, stop playing….

  • real talk

    50 was there and said Ray J swung but missed. Soooo that’s just how Fab face looks when the muscles flex while he rapping/talking…….

  • Masheka Douglas

    I had already said it was BULL!! I like 50 but he seemed he was embellishing to protect Fab’s feelings. All because Ray J was amp’d up with some kind of “drug”, alcohol or otherwise. They decided to make RayJ look like the idiot. I believed Ray’s story & I’m sticking to it. He was just too pumped & animated to be talking stuff that atleast “he” don’t believe to be true.

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