Thee Footage Of Fabolous Performing With A Knot On His Head: He Says It’s Doctored, But You Be The Judge! [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Pause At The 31 Second Mark…

Holler back youngin’!

Click Here To See More Pictures Of Fabo’s FACE!

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  • Funny Man

    Hey Fab, you got knocked the F*** Out!

  • Jay

    Who would doctor a tape with Fab? I mean a real A lister maybe but Fab?!? Come on now, stop playing….

  • real talk

    50 was there and said Ray J swung but missed. Soooo that’s just how Fab face looks when the muscles flex while he rapping/talking…….

  • Masheka Douglas

    I had already said it was BULL!! I like 50 but he seemed he was embellishing to protect Fab’s feelings. All because Ray J was amp’d up with some kind of “drug”, alcohol or otherwise. They decided to make RayJ look like the idiot. I believed Ray’s story & I’m sticking to it. He was just too pumped & animated to be talking stuff that atleast “he” don’t believe to be true.

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