For Discussion: Do You Think Barack Obama Is As Bad A President As George Bush???

- By Bossip Staff

Is President Obama actually making George Bush look like a great leader?

More than half of those surveyed in a new poll – 56% – say that President Obama has been worse in the White House, or just about the same, as George W. Bush.

A result, from a USA Today/Gallup poll out Friday, could not have gone over well with Obama’s political strategists.

“The fact that less than half of Americans say Obama has been a better president than Bush, given the low regard Americans have for the Bush presidency, poses a clear challenge for Obama,” Gallup’s website declared in a breakdown of the poll, which surveyed 1,004 Americans, living in all 50 states, from Sept. 15-18.

Those surveyed were asked to rate Obama’s presidency against Bush’s, and also against Bill Clinton’s, by choosing one of three answers: better, worse or about the same.

The problem for Obama is that too many – 22% of those surveyed – gave the same-as-Bush answer. Bush left office dogged by widespread discontent and bleak economic developments, creating a national angst that Obama rode to the White through his promise of change.

So for Obama, as an incumbent, and especially one who vowed he would improve the country’s lot, the same-as-Bush answer is really a negative response.

And as the Gallup analysis points out, Obama needs to convince voters that the country is better off now than it was the day Bush permanently traded the Oval Office for his Texas ranch.

“The outcome of presidential elections, particularly for incumbent presidents, largely turns on performance evaluations,” the analysis reads. “If Americans are generally happy with the state of the nation, they are generally likely to re-elect the incumbent. If they are dissatisfied, the incumbent is at risk of defeat.”

The results of the poll definitely are encouraging that people want to see President Obama in the White House for another 4 years.

Only 12% said they believe Obama is doing a better job than Bill Clinton. Among Democrats, only 20% said Obama tops Clinton, but 51% said they were about the same.

Obama, predictably, took a pounding among Republicans, with just 9% saying he has been a better chief executive than Bush. Among Independents, that percentage was somewhat better but by no means encouraging: 33%.

Do you plan on voting for President Obama in the 2012 election? If not, would you still say he was a better POTUS than Bush??


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  • southernswagg

    1st of all obama really hasn’t had a chance to be president everytime the muhfucca try to make a move the damn republicans come up with something to stall his plans or find something to overrule his decision…its sad really because instead of helpin him create a better u.s they would rather try to make him look bad by delaying his efforts, and its like they try to paint this ugly picture of him and his wife like most recently they envited common to the white house, now anybody that has been in tune with hiphop for the past 10 years knows common is one of the few rappers that actually has a positive message in his music but the way the that those that oppose obama
    spoke of common was as if he was a terrorist, and thats just one of the instances I remember when he took his family on a vacation they had something to say about that too….its like damn let the man live and do his job

  • team nymphis

    with everything that happened under George bush
    2.the war on Muslims
    3.the economic collapse
    It would be hard to get any worse
    But I would have to say that Obama has been a dissapointment.he’s too soft and accomodating.that being said…he’s your typical lapdog for corporate interests.

  • gina

    Why do y’all want President Obama to roll out gangster..lmao. Why do illegals that broke the law want Obama to subvert the law and insult American citizens for him and get his azz impeached!

    EXAMPLE: If you run the big corporate burger shack… just can’t advertise specials without approval. Or keep hooking up your friends and family members with the company stuff….that is also stealing and equals zero profits! Obama is a brilliant black man whose mission and purpose in like is DIVINELY ORDERED.

  • BlackAnastasia

    @SouthernSwag,Common did a freestyle where he was taking shots a Bush and Foxless News got the footage of it,so not that I disagree with you,but you have to have clean hands in a situation like that and not give the Fuel To The Fire.

  • team nymphis

    I know for a fact that Obama refused to attend the world conference on racism cuz they were going to speak on how bad racism is in America and also on the racial intollerance of the towards the Palestinians.he said if they were going to discuss those issues he would not attend.they refused his suggestion so he didn’t go.
    And when the cops arrested that black professor obama natural instinct was to say that it was racial.which he knows that it was.but after catchin heat from yt people he backtracked and startied talking about how both the cop and the professor were at fault.he is a trained puppet.and no matter how fckd up things may get for blks he’s afraid to do anything that might be construed as showing any kind of solidarity with blk people.that’s why he always lectures blk people on what their kids should and should not be’s the safe way to show yt people that he’s in agreement wit them on how blacks have to “pull themselves up by their own bootstraps”if you’re Americas president and a certain segment of America is ablaze,you can’t refuse to send firemen because you’re afraid to be seen as aiding blks

  • phill

    he’s just as bad as bush was. he’s had plenty of time to change things for the better and what has he done? Well we have a 16 trillion dollar debt…he comes up with policies that don’t work…made the economy the worst it’s ever been since the great depression…still got troops fighting for BS reasons. The list goes on. Besides kill bin laden which I think was BS to… name me some things he has done for the better.

  • Shika

    Yes the worst ever, he makes bad decisions, and they produce nothing. He is a poor mans dream ijs

  • 223

    Shika what the f*ck do you know about politics and phill your so filled with hate it won’t allow you to to see logic

  • Christielove1468

    Yes,We are going through rough times and the economy is screwed up,yet I still plan on casting my vote for President Obama in 2012. God help us all if that texan redneck Rick Perry was to ever become our next president!

  • chinadoll37

    I don’t think anyone would ever be as horrible as Bush.With that being said I don’t think our current president has done what he said he would,and I don’t think he’s been given a fair chance either.All I do know is in 2012 I will be back at the polls casting my vote.Unfortunately,I will not be voting for our current president…its not racial (I am also caramel colored).lol

  • black

    Obama was damned if he do damned if he don’t. The whole Republican agenda was to fight him on every issue. The media served no purpose whatsoever, other than scrutinized him on every thing that came out of his mouth. So all of u who think it’s going to get better if he is out of office. Be very careful what u ask for. U think its hard now wait and see what happens to people of color, cause trust me they could care less about u.

  • getreal

    When Obama came n2 office he had no budget. How can u take something from nothing? It cant be don. Change doesnt come over night. That shows in everyday life and everyday activities. Obama’s only problem is that he is a democrat and republicans rule the world.

  • BAsh

    Bush f*cked us up soooo bad and Obama is doing a great job trying to correct Bush’s screw ups but people are expecting change over night. Everyones been waitn for him to eff up since he got elected. I plan on voting for Obama 2012. So he can continue to make this country what it was before that retard (Bush) took over. OBAMA 2012!!

  • Steelcitychick

    @shecheree…well said! What people forget is that the ultimate power is in the hands of the officials we put in office to represnt our states. They are the ones who go forth and put in legestlation on our behave. If we vote in a bunch of clowns, were gonna get a circus act!
    Not only that, but how do you expect one man to get anything done, when he’s obstructed at every turn?!

  • Brina

    President Barack Obama: I voted for him once and I’ll do it again!!!
    -America is a melting pot!!
    -Those Yt Reps are a devil in disguise. Bible says that good will be seen as evil; and evil as good. Hence: homosexuality is more widely accepted than ever. Yet it is an abomination in God’s sight. Ppl misconstrue it and say that God doesn’t love homosexuals. Untrue, He does, but he also wants us to walk in a righteous path and not be led by the lusts of the flesh. Ya betta wake up and smell the Word. Obama ’12 🙂

  • Bacon

    Obama is only responsible for two trillion because when he became president we had a 14 trillion dollar debt. War was started before he was in office and the solyndra deal was made under the bush administration. The USA is going under you think its the presidents fault naw buddy its congress.

  • ignorance

    Hey, people wont give him a chance because of the color of his skin. I swear on everything I love I was driving down the street the other day and saw a bumper sticker that read “There is a tribe somewhere in Kenya thats missing a memeber”. Of course there were other things on his truck degrading the president but I just really couldnt believe that 1.

  • MyOpinion

    Every poll has him failing becuz the Repubs refuse to have a bi-partisan government. Their goal is not help the people but make him fail. He has taken a duty and is doing his best and yet he gets no respect. Where were the tea parties with the bush era? Where were all of these “candidates” who believe that the country was run so well that they just back and dealt with it? That’s BS! The tea party and Repubs are worried that Pres Obama is capable of doing great things for this country but as long as he black it will not happen and they are working quite hard to make sure that he does not get a 2nd term. I for one will be voting for Mr. Obama!

  • monroe ball

    He has my vote .Bush let Cheney usurp his power,let Bin Laden escape,and other political disasters that are still with us(Tea Party).

  • ragamuffin

    Is that even a fair comparison? George W. Is a conniving weasel. I’m putting my president back in the white house to finish the job. 2012!!!! Do your part!

  • 21133

    Everyone on here needs to actually do some homework and open there eyes. President Obama will not get my vote.

  • ChicaChe


  • tracey

    I will not vote for Obama again. Perry 2012

  • Tracey

    I will not vote for Obama again. Perry 2012 !

  • Tracey16

    I will not vote for Obama again. Perry 2012!

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