Line-Steppers: Did Mariah Carey And “Goof Troop” Nick Cannon Isht On Protesters By Dining At An NYC Restaurant??

- By Bossip Staff

Apparently, some disgruntled workers were none-too-happy with MiMi and Mr. Wild’n Out’s choice of fine dining establishments.

The songstress was out on a romantic day with husband Nick Cannon when the two decided to visit the Central Park Boathouse on Manhattan and walked straight past protestors who were clearly angry at the eatery for a specific reason.

As the couple walked into the restaurant, the picketers booed them and shoted: “Shame on you!”

Now, Mariah has taken to her Twitter for apologising for ignoring their protests.

Ok, so maybe the picketers issue has nothing to do with you. However, did you not notice the large mob of angry folks standing outside?? Might have been a better idea to use a back entrance, just a thought…


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    I would’ve done the same thing…walk right past them. Obviously Nick and Mariah were unaware of the issues the protesters had with the restaurant and could careless what the issues were.

  • reader

    Isn’t there supposed to be a part of the article where we’re told what they were protesting?

  • G

    Look franx I said I have 2 know the reason 4 the protest. The unions of yester years r gone. Some of these union leaders r no better then the greedy fat cats. If members dont wake up they may -negotiate- their jobs out of existance.

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