The Side-Eye: Soul Legend Sly Stone Says He Might Be Broke, But He’s Perfectly Fine Living In A Van

- By Bossip Staff

This story is a penultimate tale of the shady-ness of record company people, how bad drugs really are, and what happens when you don’t plan for the day when checks stop coming in.

The front man of the group Sly and the Family Stone is now some crazy old man living in a van in L.A. thinking the FBI is after him. And he’d like you to believe that he’s living that way by choice.

In his heyday, he lived at 783 Bel Air Road, a four-bedroom, 5,432-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion that once belonged to John Phillips of The Mamas & the Papas.

The Tudor-style house was tricked out in his signature funky black, white and red color scheme. Shag carpet. Tiffany lamps in every room. A round water bed in the master bedroom. There were parties where Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Miles Davis would drop by, where Etta James would break into “At Last” by the bar.

Just four years ago, he resided in a Napa Valley house so large it could only be described as a “compound,” with a vineyard out back and multiple cars in the driveway.

But those days are gone.

Today, Sly Stone — one of the greatest figures in soul-music history — is homeless, his fortune stolen by a lethal combination of excess, substance abuse and financial mismanagement. He lays his head inside a white camper van ironically stamped with the words “Pleasure Way” on the side. The van is parked on a residential street in Crenshaw, the rough Los Angeles neighborhood where “Boyz n the Hood” was set. A retired couple makes sure he eats once a day, and Stone showers at their house. The couple’s son serves as his assistant and driver.

Inside the van, the former mastermind of Sly & the Family Stone, now 68, continues to record music with the help of a laptop computer.

“I like my small camper,” he says, his voice raspy with age and years of hard living. “I just do not want to return to a fixed home. I cannot stand being in one place. I must keep moving.”

Stone has been difficult to pin down for years. In the last two decades, he’s become one of music’s most enigmatic figures, bordering on reclusive. You’d be forgiven for assuming he’s dead. He rarely appears in public, and just getting him in a room requires hours or years of detective work, middlemen and, of course, making peace with the likelihood that he just won’t show up.

There was a time when Sly was difficult to escape. Stone, whose real name is Sylvester Stewart, was one of the most visible, flamboyant figures of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The multiracial, multi-gender band that Stone assembled fused funk, soul and psychedelic rock and became one of the most influential acts ever. The San Fran-based group released a string of hits beginning with the 1968 album “Dance to the Music,” followed by “Everyday People,” “Family Affair,” “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” and “Stand!”

Someone please tell these rappers that this could be their lives.


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  • Caligurl

    Crenshaw is a street not an area! The neighborhoods surrounding Crenshaw Blvd are not all gang war zones like is being suggested in this story.

  • chris a. black

    sly got paid better then the old school rappers of the seventies n 80s..but the 90s and a chosen few of today are on a different payscale. sly n them made most of their money from big stadium shows and not the .10cent n album..the south from tx to new orleans in hiphop did the realmoney grind without the big labels hiring them..even the father of hiphop is broke with 1 old car n never made 1million.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Well it sounds like he had it real good for a very long time despite selling his publishing rights to Michael Jackson darn near 30 years ago. It’s a shame he homeless at his age, but he can look back and say he had it real good for a long time.

  • It's a family affair!

    Believe HIM! He is were he wants to be! He was very abusive to his fans would come on stage moon them, walk off, come back and tell them F you and you ain’t getting a refund! HE IS JUST VULGAR! And should be ignored!



  • It's a family affair!

    Rflol….and you have internet service…yea its all good!

  • Christielove1468

    Sly seem like he loves living his life that way,I would let him be.

  • notangie

    Thank you Caligurl…I can save my rant for another time.

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