Chinese Firefighter Arrested After Police Find 6 Women Captured In Underground Sex Slave Rooms

- By Bossip Staff

A former firefighter Li Hao, 34, cruised the city to pick up his targets and then kidnap them to inflict regular sexual abuse while starving and depriving them of anything.

Two of the six sex slaves that Li allegedly kept in hideous underground were confirmed dead once the police arrived, but four have now been rescued from their suffering.

Detectives determined that the two women who died in the basement must have been dead for close to a year, as their bodies rotted in the 20 square meters room.

According to Li Hao’s wife, she was never aware of his sexual torture chamber, and was under the impression her husband was going to his part time night job every other day.

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  • G

    CRAZY all over the world.

  • prissa

    WOW! Pure evil sickness right there. And two have 2 dead bodies decomposing for nearly a year is disgusting. I know the smell was horrible. The world has become hell on Earth.

  • gina

    Lock him forever with the 2 dead bodies and forget about him!

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