Congratulations, Arizona: You’re Still Really, Really Racist For Having “Accent Monitors” In Classrooms

- By Bossip Staff

Arizona’s working really hard to become the most racist state in the union and it gets closer to achieving that goal every day.

It turns out that the Arizona school board was sending representatives to classrooms to check and make sure that the teachers weren’t speaking with thick accents. That’s right. They didn’t want teachers with accents that indicated Hispanic heritage to teach their students. Some teachers even allege that they were sent to speech pathologists and acting coaches to help them get rid of their accents.

After enough uproar, the city finally relented:

After almost a decade of sending monitors to classrooms across the state to check on teachers’ articulation, recently made a sharp about-face on the issue. A federal investigation of possible civil rights violations prompted the state to call off its accent police.

“To my knowledge, we have not seen policies like this in other states,” Russlynn H. Ali, the assistant federal secretary of education for civil rights, said in an interview. She called it “good news” that Arizona had altered its policy.

It’s good to see that they’re changing the policy but…it’s pretty freaking ridiculous that this was even a rule in the first place. SMH.

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  • team nymphis

    They wanted to make sure all the students could hear clearly all that bullshxt history they teach in schools

  • DEEZ

    I live in Arizona i have a hard time understanding half of my children teachers. Their accents be so thick how can they teach ur children?

  • d.j.mase70

    The only thing left is to change the state flag to the Confederate Flag.

  • d.j.mase70

    All that’s left is to start flying the Confederate Flag!

  • d.j.mase70

    Remember this is the state that only adapted MLK day is because if they didn’t, Then the NFL would not allow them to host the Super Bowl…So this is not suprising at all….Strive to be #1 Arizonians. SMH!

  • prissa

    Wow, this world is really going to HELL. SMH

  • mizzchocolate

    Being from AZ i dont see it as a racial issue. As a parent id love to be able to clearly understand my kids teacher but a lot of the teachers sound like they just flew in fom mexico yesterday. So how can you teach my child when you arent speaking properly??

  • gina

    They can’t read Spanish and they speak the Spanish As F up as America is really embracing BS won’t help!

  • notangie

    My daughters teacher had such a thick accent that I have to reteach my daughter the correct pronunciation of so many things. It is a problem, especially in lower grades when children have never heard many words such as; genre, context, and other important words they will be expected to pronounce properly in middle and high school.

  • Vanessa

    I live in Arizona and all my sons teachers have been white. I never seen a Hispanic teacher yet. Mybe it’s the areas I live in Chandler kyrene schools…. Maybe inner city has more Hispanic teachers?

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