Ho Sit Down: Rush “I Stay Talkin’ Yang” Limbaugh Says Herman Cain Is “Authentically Black” And Barack Obama Isn’t Because He Lacks “Slave Blood”

- By Bossip Staff

Like this mark a$$ buster has any right to regulate who is and who isn’t “black enough” to be a black president:

Fresh off his surprise victory in the Florida Republican Party’s “Presidency 5” straw poll, Herman Cain took a media victory lap Monday.
But one Cain cheerleader offered his support in controversial form. Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show Monday that if the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO were to win the Republican nomination, and then go on to be elected president, “Herman Cain could be our first authentically black president.”

One caller, “Kevin,” did “stop and think about it,” and questioned Limbaugh about the statement, producing the exchange below, from the transcript posted one the radio host’s website:

RUSH: Kevin in Oklahoma City, great to have you on the program, Kevin. Welcome.
CALLER: Hey, how you doing? I’m a first-time caller from Oklahoma City.
RUSH: Thank you, sir.
CALLER: You said earlier that if Herman Cain is elected that he would be the first black president. What do you mean by that?
RUSH: I said first authentically black president.
CALLER: What does that mean?
RUSH: Well, during the campaign of 2008 there were a number of liberal newspaper columnists, and even Reverend Sharpton who were challenging Barack Obama’s authenticity, that he wasn’t an authentic black because he didn’t have any family history traced to slavery, that his mother was white —
RUSH: — father from Kenya, you know, was not really down for the struggle. But it was them who said that. Now, I’m simply bouncing off of them. I never get into debates over who’s an authentic black and who isn’t. It’s the left that does that, it’s the Democrat Party and their media that does that, but bouncing off what they said, Herman Cain would be more authentically black to me than Obama is.
CALLER: Oh. So it’s what they say and then you’re just repeating —
RUSH: Yeah, I’m just bouncing off of it.

SMH. Discuss…

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  • gina

    Rush, Al Sharpton and Tavis Smiley we heard it all before…..FAIL AGAIN ALWAYS AND FORVER. Alice and Travalina looked like 2 bit@h azz jealous H8R hosting that lame azz town hall meeting “not like us” ignorant crap flipping around waving their hands ….that meetings took away all doubt…girls. Rush is nothing but a shitz talking lard azz pervert Oxy addict that has lost his audience. Obama 2012!

  • elle

    Don’t fall for the BS. They are trying really hard to divide and conquer. Obama is Black in America and that is enough. Look at everything he has had to go through since taking office and even more so since the Republicans took control of Congress. They are trying everything they can to bring Obama down. SMH.

  • Christielove1468

    African americans,west indians and black europeans have descended from white slaveowners,native americans or any race. Herman Cain is not authentically black either, Cain is is his decendant’s slave owners last name and his family most likely have been mixed somewhere down the line also. Limbaugh always is running his fat mouth about something. White America will always view President Obama as a black man.

  • Toto

    Wtf? so since I am nigerian I am not authentic black since I am not a descendant of slaves. Rush, shut up.

  • I read

    I’m so sick of that drug addict Limbaugh. I wish the Left could have a radio equivalent.

  • think about it

    I dont agree with Rush statement but I do believe Pres. Obama would be more sympathetic to African American issues if he was a decendent of slavery and the civil rights movement. Just as African Americans are not always sympathetic or connected to Black issues abroad.

  • gina

    Here we go some “more”! Blacks abroad, begging azz folks really WHY DON’T Y’ALL TAKE CARE OF Y’ALLS BUSINESS AND KEEP WAITING ON America And Europeans to save y’all! Country wealthy land abundant and leaders live like kings…revolt do something besides rape your women! Yea, your mad now, but you spend your time talking about America African Americas and their President alleged short comings! Yes, I am not a coward its me Gina and I said it!

    How dare your shady azz say that man born to a white female by african that can to america to better himself is/was not a part of the civil rights movement. We are still trying to move FORWARD. WITH OUR LEADER PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA!

  • think about it

    Hey check this out Gina. you need to pump your breaks you dumb bish. I see how you try to dominate on this muh fuh. understand Dumbo that I am an African American Women from Cali not no friggin immigrant bish. I stand by what I said.

  • rigch

    This is what I been telling clowns for years his mothers white he white . There is only one type of black person and that is one who defends from slavery and had been stripped of there nationality via slavery. To the Nigerian notice you said your Nigerian which is a nationality meaning people tied to land; show me on a globe the country called black
    @gina tell me why when dna testing is done why they use madachandrial dna. A baby grows inside its mother it has its mothers blood. You don’t use your brain that’s why you can’t see your flawed thinking. Smh at you and your white president. And I hate to side with a well known racist like Limbaugh but whiteys right

  • layla

    Wow, I can’t believe this nonsense! Anyone that thinks that Obama is not sympathetic to the problems of AA is ignorant. The entire country is in a state of economic distress! That is most important. How would it look if during this time when ALL americans are suffering the Prez was focusing on blk issues? No matter what good Obama tries to do, the repubs fight him, even if it means further destruction to the US economy. Obama is very aware of the plight of blacks in this country. Perhaps you need to read about the racism and discrimination both he amd Michele faced over the years. They just don’t use it as an excuse. The problem with Americans, you can’t see beyond the individual ‘I’ to improve things for the collective ‘US’. Look at the big picture for a change.

  • layla

    Rush knows that what he meant to say is that Obama isn’t authentic because his ancestors never served the white man. There must be a history of servitude so he (Rush) could feel superior. Anyone who agrees with him is still a slave…
    Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery!!!!

  • rigch

    That’s cuz the educational system is so messed up layla that white people don’t recognize the white supremacist nature that’s bred into them. Why do you call a Haitian a Haitian a jamacian a Jamaican a Kenyan a Kenyan a Sudanese a Sudanese cuz that what they are a represent. How can you represent black I mean really the color black. And AA is some bullshyt cuz we been global we was here before columbus

  • The truth

    Here before columbos? Lmao! Give me a break. It was the native americans dumb&$$. We were in africa and parts of thr middle east and italy, spain and greece. Noy america! I believe in black power but that was just ignorant! Next you gonna say a black man invented the first computer or the first pair of jeans or the pepperoni pizza! Lmao!

  • gina

    @ not thinking about it
    Ohhh Cali…yea Watts…omg….drive by! You fat cow the only thing your going to drive by is the drive thru…lol Its bad enough your on the blog begging for you and yours talking about how the government won’t help you…but dang other countries too…lol. Yes your a nicca …Obama & I are African Americans ๐Ÿ™‚

  • prissa

    First of all rigch, mitochondrial DNA has nothing to do with matriarchial or the mothers genes. MDNA has 37 genes and its own DNA. U should really research b4 spreading fallacies.

    As for limbaugh – he’s ignorant and whoever started those comments r ignorant too. I don’t remember slavery & any great-grandparents I had who actually experienced it r dead. However that in no way makes me less sensitive to the plight of my ancestors. And MY mother is white. I’m sure Obama understands OUR history – how can any American not understand, regardless of their skin color?

    The issues of slavery, racism, segregation, etc trancend color – they are crimes against humanity (in essence). Anyone with a heart & soul knows those things r wrong. And your average prejudice red neck white person sees Obama as black – trust that. Limbaugh is just trying to incite folks and reguritating what those jealous men (sharpton et al) have said about Obama. They need 2 get over it!

  • gina

    Get em! Thanks for the knowledge!

  • ChicaChe

    I’m Cuban & American Indian and I still consider myself black!

  • think about it

    @ ginaho. Yea bish. A nicca and proud of it! You stupid tow rag asz bish. U not dominating like you think you are. You are a bottom feeder. You dont even know how to come up for air. I know your kind. You aint worth a quarter.

  • G

    @ gina – The only thing ur fat azz is going 2 drive by is a drive through! LMAO

  • think about it

    Now that’s funny!

  • gina

    Broke hoe fat funky hoe & G stanky thang trying to gang up….yea that’s Cali trash…lol….nope that drive by …drive in fat burger bish stuff is all y’all …..No cheap garbage food for Gina or those bloat your body drinks:-). G thang you fall back…aint with your total 0+0= zero status. Dense brain G thang your so lame you used the line I used on your fatty hefty bag buddy ….lol….she clearly didn’t get it….Stupid goats! Trying to blog beef.. yea those are Cali Niccas..

    @not thinking I called you the bottom feeder first because I know your a nicca and so proud of it…. the confirmation really was not necessary…lol, but ok. Yes, we have all read your begging for crumbs post. You clearly lack imagination….using my lines…lol…lil dummy fart. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • gina

    G+Not thinking =0….you twigs are 2 dumb zeros that lack creativity ….reused my post to fatty hefty bag aka think about it Gina is not fat or poor….no junk food or bloat drinks! Bye blog beefing idiots! Yep Gina spanked your azz…again.

  • team nymphis

    y’all should prolly leave gina alone

  • G

    All I said was that drive thru shyt gina said was funny! Learn 2 read u big baby! I dont need 2 gang wit nobody.

  • G

    AA is just that AA. Meaning ANYONE who holds U.S. citizenship with african ancestory. Example: A Nigerian with U.S. citizenship could b called AA or Nigerian American. Both r correct. Blacks who r the decendants of slaves r called AA becavse their specific country of origin is unknown. That’s why we refer to the whole continent.

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