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The kids of this celebrity couple are not handling the upcoming divorce too well. One is angry and getting into fights at school. Another is crying every day and begging the couple to stay together. Another is in total denial and keeps cheerfully insisting to friends and relatives that the rumors are all lies and that the marriage is fine. Now that’s an actor in the making! We wonder if they know that Mommy and Daddy have been bearding for each other from the beginning.

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  • team nymphis

    will the real Will.I.AM.GAY pleez stand up

  • G

    The parents need 2 talk 2 their kidz & hire a pro if needed. IDK

  • Westside cutie!!!!

    @ team nymphis….. Too funny!

  • gina

    It’s called latent male homosexuality….they leave the wife and children around 40 something for a young male! Expect him to get real zesty giggie with it or bring his tore up old man anus COOHIE home in shame and try to act right! Lol

  • jay is my name

    why do people feel that this person is even talking about will and Jada they could be talking about any body in hollywood people really need to stop believeing every thing they hear or read on the internet. and what they choose to do is there own business

  • ladyd

    Upcoming divorce? Where u hear that? I dnt get why they would. They have an open marriage and use each other to appear ‘normal’. If it aint broke….

  • aukira aka misscrazies

    i think they need to do whats best for them and let them pick who they want to be with and they need to hire a conselor to talk to the family but after all i feel sad for them

  • Enlightened

    I know the last kid is meant to be the actor in the family, but who are the first two? You see, I don’t see the oldest kid being heartbroken enough to cry every night seeing as his parents had divorced before but is he even in school anymore? I don’t see him fighting with students over this either IF he was but I’m certain he recently graduated and I doubt that the other kid even goes to school?

  • MyOpinion

    Am I understanding this correctly this story is all about will and jada? They have TWO kids and although his firstborn is considered hers cuz of the closeness between the exes, I don’t see him crying his eyes out. So unless they sent out a message to the world STFU and quit speculating!

  • Ummmm

    So we all just forget about the controversy from last year where we learned that the smith kids don’t go to school but have a tutor? Besides Jada said in a magazine that the kids are home schooled….NEXT!!!!!

  • yaa

    Yeah, next….must be talking about another couple …. non of those kids have a tantrum in their aura so it must be ARNOLD’s fam

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