A Lil’ Preemptive Damage Control: Kimmy Cakes Explains The Pics Of Her Without Her Wedding Band On That We Haven’t Seen Yet

- By Bossip Staff

Oh no, you guys. We think Kim may have figured out that the majority of the public (who cares about such things) is giving her marriage to Frankenberry the side-eye.

Because now she’s copping pleas about things no one has asked about yet. Take, for example, this statement she felt necessary to throw in when asked about her “philosophy” on jewelry wear…

I don’t wear it to work out. I see people that work out all the time with their jewelry on. I was leaving the gym yesterday and I didn’t have my [wedding] ring on and there was all these photographers taking pictures and I said to my sister, “Just watch, Kourtney. You will see a story [bearing the headline] ‘Kim Without Her Ring. Trouble in Paradise.’ And Kourtney said, ‘But you are in your gym clothes. Who would ever wear their ring to the gym?’ and I said, ‘You’d be surprised.’” I see women coming to the gym with earrings on. I can’t do it.

Because, of course, the example couldn’t possibly have been given without that little bit of early damage control.


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  • Ceeburg

    Well, what about wearing diamond earrings that are so expensive u cried when u lost one in the middle of the ocean… Lord help her…

  • Common Cent$

    Thank you bcuz I was about to say didn’t she wear a pair 75k earrings in the ocean and almost killed herself when she thought she lost it

  • Ice Harvest

    Come on Ceeburg n Common, leave Kimmy alone. I mean seriously, who doesn’t wear $75k earrings to go swimming in a big a@@ ocean?!! I do it every chance I get… I’m doing It right now!!! 😉

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