Racism is Her Tic

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Considering that her mother giggles when she calls the woman behind the counter “N*gger!,” the girl has obviously been home schooled on racism and is now a racist with the inability to hide it. We know the cure to that sh*t and it’s found inside of a brick. It’s a very delicate procedure in which you crack it over her head and voila. Racism in check.

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  • Hot Sauce


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  • Hot Sauce

    go beside that burb hos head a cupol of times will brake that habit.

  • Toya

    she says she’s not racist, but the word she uses the most is n*gger……..right. i still feel bad for her though. it would be tough if everything i thought came yellping out of my mouth!

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    she may have been diagnosed with terets or a tic….but that word in reference to Black People is learned….so I’m not trying to hear that nonsense about her “feeling bad about it afterwards” (in my best British accent)

  • NoHateJusFacts

    This is messed up. If she was just yelling the ‘N’ word out to random people fine, but she only does it when she sees a black person… That’s not cool. I’ll like to administer the Brick treatment now, please.

  • Seriously, WTF??

    Tourettes or not, my (white) momma would have backhanded my ass if I ever talked like that.

  • m

    her mother said she says the first thing that pops into her head. so someone had to have taught her to think that when she sees black people. hit her parents with the brick a few times, i bet they would figure out a way to put a different word in her head then.

  • BellaH68

    Did anyone else get the feeling she’s just acting out? I mean, mom’s said that she thought she was deaf but she just wasn’t listening, and so on and so forth…Seems like one of those bratty kids who’ve never had an ass whooping. I bet she was one of those kids in the store yelling at her mom to buy her things…She’s just found a way to be a brat without her mom getting mad…Whose more to blame though mom or the kid? I’d like to order Brick treatment for two please, with a side order of SMH.

  • Ermy Erm

    i dont think this girl has tourettes. shes a brat that has found a way to get away with being racist. and i agree with the poster who said that she waits until black ppl are around then looks at them for a reaction. but the day is coming when she gone say that to the wrong one and get busted in her grill. that “tourette’s” will leave quick fast in a hurry

  • Elegance1981

    I think that because she is a minor she can get away with saying that word. How come this so called sickness is only limited to one word? I thinks she needs an all NATURAL ass beatdown.

  • Yvonne


    Yea, she heard her parents calling blacks that word that is why she says it.

  • Anton Slizzardhands

    I needa drank

  • nyah

    ERM!!!!! can i just say that i agree with NOHATEJUSFACTS that if its only said when she sees BLACK PEOPLE she needs to be hit with a skillet!!!! Im sure that will help

  • ProofBlackPeopleAreTolerant

    The fact that this girl is still walking around in good health and hasn’t been busted in her head is proof that Black people are far more tolerant than we are given credit for lol.

  • http://signoftimes@msn.org hot sauce's mild sauce part of the sauce family

    that stank hoe needs 2 come 2 my hood with that mess!

  • Betty B

    amen proof… Yea I agree with all the posts so far. She’s facking it. You can see her looking around for someone to call out on. Not even minding the clothes her mom is buying her. Her mom is stupid plain and simple.

  • Anna

    We have been introduced to Tics/Tourettes from Phil Donohue to Montel Williams. With all the shows that have aired and all the kids who were show cased Tourettes does not allow you to be “selective” in what you blurt out. Racism is taught and this little girl is playing mommy like a flute.

  • Scary Ass Rodney


  • AvaL0ren

    Wow. You people are ignorant. Yes. She does have tourettes and her tick wasn’t only the “n” word. I also heard her say “sex” and some other words on camera. They mostly showed her using the “N” word but that wasn’t the only thing she’s said before. It is possible that her parents are racist or it’s possible she’s heard it somewhere else as well. She DOES have a neurological disorder, so it is possible she heard it and now associates it with her ticks. However, I do agree that her mother shouldn’t be apologizing for her and that she should apologize herself.

  • John

    To me tourettes is another word for Demonic!! that’s the devil!!

  • AvaL0ren

    Yes. I am black.

    By the way, I’m pretty sure if it was an African American child calling a white person a name..you would think that it was funny.

  • Ermy Erm

    @ AvaL0ren….

    anyone calling anyone a racist name is not tolerable in my book. I heard my 9 yr old cousin call a lil white girl a cracka cuz he heard his father say it. i smacked him dead in his mouth. Sure he was looking dazed and confused but you can bet he didnt say it again.

    You have to train kids not to be racist like this messed up society cuz they go by what they see and hear. I do not believe this girl has tourettes. when her mother said she wouldnt listen and they thought she was deaf and took her to the doctor. She is just a brat. you can tell by her demeanor. i think she woulda been blurtin out all kinda stuff before then and someone would have noticed. this is crazy to me. how all of a sudden she got it? someone tell me if i heard that video wrong please

  • Dexter

    Recent studies has revealed that the common hiccup is a form of tourettes. Some are more extreme than others.

  • Ermy Erm

    now im not gone lie, i saw this girl wit Tourettes who kept sayin…c*nt! c*cksucker!!…i was like WTH. it wasnt racist and she said it to men women and children and whoever walked by and she didnt look at them for a reaction, she was embarrassed and apologized

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