What Does This Mean!: Jada Pinkett Smith Spotted With No Ring On The Finger That Matters

- By Bossip Staff

Jada Pinkett Smith was out wondering the streets of Beverly Hills when the paps snapped a pic of her rocking no wedding ring. Rumors have been flowing through the streets that these two are on shaky ground in the swingers department but Will and Jada killed that earlier this month with a “oh, we are soooo in love statement!”

Just last week, Will Smith was also seen HERE with little Willow not rocking his band of commitment!

So we have to ask – What does it mean when married couples don’t wear their rings?

NO One Knows What It Means… But It’s Provocative! It gets the PEOPLE GOING!!!


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  • WoW!

    Means…….they r gettn tired of one another. Swinging ruined this black love. Never liked Jada tho. Will is still a great guy! 🙂

  • prissa

    Whoa! She’s looking a bit skeletorish in that pic. Her face is too hard! And can we stop speculating about this couple? It’s gonna b whatever they decide & we’ll know for sure when they confirm their decision publicly. Give it a rest for heavens sake!

  • SKY

    Mind ya bidness just mind ya bidness *Will Smith Voice*

  • tma

    who 2say that photographer didnt go back n & changed the pic 2 make it look liks she not wearing her ring

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