Quote Of The Day: Natalie Nunn Speaks On Lil Kim “That Kiss Was The Most Amazing Day Of My Life!”

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Natalie Nunn has been poppin’ that ish yet again. This time in an interview.

The “Bad Girls Club” alum recently chopped it up with TheUrbanDaily and we grabbed some of the juicier outtakes for y’all…

Check ’em out:

You pop a lot of ish. What’s up with that?

I feel like I’m the type of person who is always going to keep it real. I’m never going to let a lie come out of my mouth. At the end of the day, if I have something to say, I’m going to say what I want to say. Even my managers, even my lawyers, even my team — they want me to maybe tone it down. But what got me to where I am now is me being me. So if I have something to say, I’m not going to change now because it’s not politically correct. I’m still always going to be Natalie. And I feel like in the industry right now, [being me] is considered talking a lot of ish, because a lot of people are not real. They’re not going to tell you how it is. They’re not going to tell you they don’t like your hair. And I don’t just randomly pop off just to pop off. Every time I have something to say it’s because a situation happened or someone did something to me or someone said something. That’s when you’re going to get Natalie “talking-a-lot-of-ish” Nunn. I’m not going to not say what I want to say. I will say what I want to say, and if you don’t like it (mumbles) then do something about it. Hollywood is people trying to be “politically correct”. But at the end of the day, let’s all keep it real, we’re all human beings. Everybody’s not going to be friends.

What was the deal with you and Wiz Khalifa?

We were just friends. That’s pretty much where it was. I had a love show that was about to air, Love Games. And I had just finished wrapping up the show. There were a lot of things in my contract that I wasn’t able to do. And you know…it was…um…yeah…we were friends.

Have you and Fabolous squashed the beef?

It’s really funny, because I feel like the beef between me and Fabolous just keeps going back and forth. Sometimes it’s directly, sometimes it’s indirectly. Fabolous just put out a video last week. And the music video had my ex-best friend that I grew up with since we were in diapers — he put her as the only girl in his video. So he tries to do little things to get my attention. And I don’t care what he says, I don’t care what people want to believe and disbelieve, but the girl in his video is half Asian, half black, he didn’t even know her, and she’s never done a music video in her life — so he went out of his way to put her in his music video. And when he posted the link for it, all of my fans on Twitter were like, “Isn’t that your ex-best friend?” He wanted a response, and I didn’t give it to him. It’s almost like these guys are trying to get some of my publicity, even if it’s indirectly. Because if I go in on somebody, it will be a trending topic. I don’t care who they think they are or how many fans they have, it will bring a different audience to them. These guys are rappers, or these guys are comedians. I am on a reality show that everybody in the world watches. I bring a whole different audience to their life.

Did you and Fab have a thing going on or something?

No. I met him one time. I was in New York City before my season of Bad Girls Club had aired. But everybody knew: they were running commercials, my picture was in all of the magazines, Bravo TV was promoting it. I got invited to go backstage at one of his shows, and people tweeted the pictures. And one time he was in California and invited me to go to the studio and hang out, and I didn’t go. Ever since that day, it was drama. Like, “Who does she think she is?”

How was it kissing Lil’ Kim on the lips?

I enjoyed every minute of hanging out with Lil’ Kim and that kiss was the most amazing day of my life. She was my generation of bad girls when I was young. That’s what I listened to. Her inviting me to hang out with her in Miami was more than a dream come true I don’t care how lame that sounds. She’s a legend in the game for over a decade.

We could see why kissing Lil Kim might be the high point in Natalie Nunn’s life, but where do you think it ranks for Kim???

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  • MyOpinion

    1. Several people have been quite outspoken about her stfu.
    2. Her and Fab?? That’s Ray J saying he laid hands on Fab, yeah, umm ok whatever.
    3. The “kiss” I picture Kim hugging the toilet and pissed off that bytch got that close!
    4. She’s still irrelevant.


    She “never lies” and “always keeps it real”? Really? You said you “smashed a homie” in reference to sleeping with Chris Brown. When asked on the Tyra Banks show if you slept with him you said yes, Tyra then mentioned that Chris claimed to never have met you. Then you retract your statement by saying that you guys were friends. Sounds like a liar to me. As far as Wiz is concerned Natalie went out of her way claiming she had Wiz first and amber “stole” him from her. Bytche please!

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