Black Woman Confronts Kim Kardashian “You’re Not The First Chick With A Booty” On New Show ‘H8R’ [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

On the series premier of the new show “H8R,” Kim K is confronted with a real “Angry Black Woman”:

Deena decided to make her rant against Kim Kardashian on behalf of the African-American community, whether they wanted her to or not, on ‘H8R’ (Wed., 8:30PM ET on ABC). At least, that what it looked like when she was complaining that Kim had curves, saying, “I thought we had a corner on that. That’s us. That’s who we are.”

She also took issue with the Kardashian family not doing enough for the African-American community. So Kim had to defend a perhaps legitimate argument here, and then one that sounded more like petty jealousy.

She explained that curves on women is also an Armenian thing, but that didn’t seem to win Deena over. But when she talked about going to New Orleans to help after Katrina, and taking multiple trips to Africa to help impoverished people there, Deena started to lighten up.

This was just the kind of case the show was hoping to bring to light. Deena was hating on Kim based on assumptions she was making that weren’t even true. If more people were watching the show, maybe they’d reconsider their opinions of people they’re hating on. Or at least make sure they have their facts straight first.

Yeah, ole girl goes off.

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