Hold Up, Whoa Dere: Amber Rose Says Wiz Khalifa Would “Beat The Crap Out Of Kanye!”

- By Bossip Staff

Ladies and gentlemen, the isht has finally hit the fan!!

Yesterday during her interview on Hot 97 in New York with Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds, Amber Rose was asked who would win if her new boo Wiz Khalifa caught fade with her old thang Kanye West. The ever diplomatic Amber pulled no punches, and let it all hang out!!

WOW! It’s one thing to say Wiz will pull a “whoop that trick” on Kanye, but to say she’ll “kick him while he’s down” too! Surely, Mr. West and his Illuminati cohorts will be none-too-pleased by this…

But not for nothin’, Amber is a ride-or-die bish for putting it out there like that. What man WOULDN’T want to have this type of chick on his side?!

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  • Redfoxxx

    Why is this even news?? Why is she even news??? She’s a nobody trying to extend her 15 mins of fame by using Kanye’s name!!! I hope he continues to ignore this stupid bitch and ignorance. She’s only famous because of Kanye. She would still be a stripping prostitute. Trash

  • reddfoxx77

    She would do reeealy well to shut her mouth. Srsly.

  • grimyteddy

    I believe she is telling the truth. Kanye isn’t exactly the most masculine guy. Don’t slap me talk hold back the hand. I know for sure we seen Ye dress up in women’s blouses or wearing spandex. Old noodle legs may have a chance.

  • gina

    Black on Black Crime!

  • Blue Moon

    Like ANY girl would say that her Current man would get a beat-down from their ex..wat was she sposed 2 say

  • AmberRose

    She needs braces…


    Did we expect her to say anything different?

  • aukira aka misscrazies

    khalifa is kinda cute and kinda not he probably gone tell jayz tohelp him make a rap about his reaction ball so hard kanya you dont bbbbball so hard

  • yellow p

    hoe sit down. … there are so many things wrong with this

  • bizz

    LMAO @ noodle legs

  • raeday

    why does she continue to talk about kanye? I mean really? I know they bring him up in interviews but you dont have t comment if you’ve moved on then…. MOVE ON.

  • micca

    Wiz just took his old bitch & turned her to to his new bitch, its stupied,but he wont get his drama on, what he dealin wit is to real for him to comment on, they already put it in his head, not to run his mouth so when yall talk about u kno who he dont kno who your talkin bout!!! (dueces)

  • withak

    That is so disrespectful

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