Flying The Unfriendly Skies: TSA Reports Finding Over 800 Guns In Airport Security Checks This Year!

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Apparently Petey Pablo and Memphitz aren’t the only ones packing heat on their travels!

In a blog post titled “Sometimes The Airport Is Like A Gun and Knife Show” The TSA Blog detailed some recent finds by U.S. airport security this week, along with the mind boggling number of firearms seized this year:

Just this past week in three separate incidents, our officers found the following prohibited items: (These are just a few of the many good catches from the past week)

Orlando (MCO): A man attempted to bring a bag containing 3 pistols through the checkpoint. The bag contained a .25-caliber and .40-caliber semiautomatic and a .357-caliber revolver. Also in the bag were loose ammo and a loaded magazine. Orlando police arrested the passenger who was later released from the Orange County Jail on a $2,500.00 bond.

Baltimore (BWI): Three throwing knives were found in a carry-on bag. There have been many “pointed” discussions about whether or not knives should be allowed on planes, but 3 throwing knives is a tad much… Police cited the passenger on a state charge.

Atlanta (ATL): Inert grenades found in checked baggage. (Read here, and here about all the inert grenades we find and why they’re a nuisance)

Maybe it’s just me, but when I travel I am cautious about what I pack or what is in my luggage. That’s apparently not the case for a lot of people out there. The number one reason is “I forgot that was in my bag.”

All of the items I mentioned above are common finds. Just over the weekend alone, we found 10 firearms across the nation.

This year alone, TSA Officers have found over 800 firearms in carry-on bags.


That ish cray!

Here’s some photos of some crazy stuff the TSA has found in their searches, including snakes, birds and turtles smuggled in pantyhose!

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