For Discussion: Have Some States (Like Alabama, Arizona, And Georgia) Taken Too Much Liberty In Their Immigration Laws??

- By Bossip Staff

This might be funny, but it’s no laughing matter…

Police in Alabama are getting ready to enforce what is considered by many as the toughest immigration law in the United States.

Beginning Thursday, authorities can question people suspected of being in the country illegally and hold them without bond, and officials can check the immigration status of students in public schools, Gov. Robert Bentley said.

Those two key aspects of Alabama’s new law were upheld by a federal judge on Wednesday.
The governor said parts of the law take effect immediately.

“Today Judge Blackburn upheld the majority of our law,” Gov. Robert Bentley said in a brief statement he delivered outside the State Capitol in Montgomery, The New York Times reported. “With those parts that were upheld, we have the strongest immigration law in the country.”

However, he also said that the law “was never de­signed to hurt fellow human beings,” according to the Montgomery Advertiser. “As a physician, I would never ask a sick per­son if she was legal or illegal. But as governor of this state, it is my sworn duty to uphold this state’s laws, and that is what I intend to do,” Bentley said.

Not everyone, including the Obama Administration, is on board with this new, controversial policy.

There are three separate lawsuits against the Alabama law, including a challenge from President Barack Obama’s administration. Blackburn’s ruling is expected to be appealed.

John Carroll, a former U.S. magistrate judge who is now dean of Samford University’s law school in suburban Birmingham, said Blackburn’s ruling was mostly consistent with decisions from other states with the exception of her allowing Alabama’s “stop and ask” provision, which lets police request people’s immigration papers.

“I think down the line there are other arguments that can be made as the case goes forward,” said Carroll.

So we ask you BOSSIP nation, should Alabama Police be allowed to randomly stop or detain people that they feel could be illegal immigrants?


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  • illegals are so special ....bump the law

    Bump the LAW my sisters and I are going to sneak into Macy’s and fill up shopping bag…dont stop us or question us either!

  • Westside cutie!!!!

    Maybe the measures they’re taking is a lil’ harsh but hey, immigration is immigration. Anybody who wish to come to the united states should take the proper measures to get their visa’s! That goes for Hispanics too! I love my Latino people but for some reason they don’t think the laws apply to them, but if we wanted to go to they’re country illegally we would be sent back so fast because it’s they’re law! If we let one nationality come and stay illegally then we have to be lenient to the other ones and that ain’t right! If u want to become an American then just do it, but do it legally! We would love to have u! That’s what make our country so beautiful, it’s the different races of people!

  • Steelcitychick

    I’ll tell you what….The state of Alabama, is gonna feel a lot of shyt because of their new legistlation…. The farmers in this state are already in an upheavel because of it!…when their production of agriculture products can’t keep up with the demand, their gonna change things!….try getting an uneducated American people to bring those crops in, at the salary they tryna give, aint gonna happen, and I bet that shyt won’t get done!…..unregistered immirgants, get it done, with less then half the pay!
    I understand that they are trynna keep the bad seeds out, but the majority of undocumented workers are just trynna to find a better life for them and their families!

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