“Is My Son Gay?” Is Probably The Dumbest Idea For A Phone App Ever

- By Bossip Staff

This is just stupid.

A French Android App has been released that will apparently allow parents to find out if their kids are gay. While it promises to answer that long-burning question, all it does is ask 20 yes or no questions based on stereotypes about homosexuals. They ask questions about grooming habits, interest in sports and dressing.

This also acts as another app: “Are My Parents Really FAWKING Stupid?” If your parents buy this app then the answer is definitely “yes”. See, there is some benefit to it.

If you’re curious about your child’s sexuality (or you’re just an idiot), you can cop the app for just 1.99 Euros.

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    And people wonder what’s the damn problem with our kids.
    (Rollin’ the eyes)

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