The Side-Eye: Tyrese Banned From Delaware Radio Station, Program Director Offers Super Lame Reason

- By Bossip Staff

Earlier this week, Tyrese ruffled some feathers in Delaware by speaking up on behalf of the hood and its children.

According to TMZ, Tyrese was headding up to KISS 101.7 to promote his new album when he peeped a liquor store across the street from an elementary school. He figured what better platform than this radio station to call the powers that be out for letting that happen. So he went in…

During his rant, Tyrese told the DJ, “Get them cats out of here … selling alcohol right across from your kids school, homie — put the pressure on them homie … you know how to put pressure on dudes selling in your hood.”

But when the show went to commercial, Tyrese was asked to leave the building — and the owner of the radio station confirms to TMZ that it was because he felt Tyrese was “disrespecting” the Delaware community.

Disrespecting the Delaware community??? Per TMZ, here’s what the owner meant.

TMZ spoke with Tony Quartarone — the station owner at KISS 101.7 — who tells us he’s not upset with Tyrese because he took a stand against liquor stores … instead, he claims the problem was the way the singer addressed his listeners.

Quartarone says, “Tyrese was not kicked off the air for pointing out that liquor stores should not be located near schools … I totally agree with that. But … he proceeded to downgrade my audience by calling them ‘homies.'”

Quartarone says he felt the language was condescending — and that’s why he asked Tyrese to leave the building Monday morning. After Tyrese tweeted about the incident, Quartarone says he decided to ban Ty’s music until he gets an apology

What?? That Tony Quartarone character needs to take a seat. What kind of bull… SMH

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  • NCsFinest

    I’m pretty sure the homie he was referring to was whoever was interviewing him. This Quartarone guy needs the side eye and a h*e sit down for that one. Ridiculous!

  • whywefail

    Wow. The sad part is they will ban Tyrese’s music from this station and Black people will still continue to listen to and support the station. You won’t find a liquor store across the street from an elementary school in a white neighborhood. Tyrese didn’t disrespect Delaware, they disrespected themselves. SMH

  • slave blood

    station owner probably got a good HOOKUP at the liquor store. If he’s playing current hip hop, he’s doing as much if not more damage to our children as the liquor store.



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