Race Matters: According To The Census There Are Less White People In At Least 15 States

- By Bossip Staff

What a day when the tables will turn…

A study based on the most recent census shows that the number of “non-Hispanic whites” in the U.S. appears to be dropping.

Whites declined in 15 states, almost all in the industrial and farming states from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania, and from Kansas to Ohio. They also declined in California and three Southern states, including Maryland.

A Census Bureau analysis of the 2010 count showed that the number of non-Hispanic whites rose over the decade from 194.5 million to 197 million, but the 1.2 percent growth rate fell far short of the national increase of 9.7 percent. Non-Hispanic whites are now 64 percent of the population, down from 69 percent a decade ago.

You know what racial group is growing though? Looking better than ever? Yep, you guessed it!

The census also reported that the black population grew by 12 percent. African Americans now make up almost 13 percent of the population, a small increase over the decade. More than half, 57 percent, live in the South, up from 55 percent a decade ago. And six out of 10 blacks live in 10 states, including Virginia and Maryland.

The census analysis of the nation’s white and black population underscores the transformative nature of growth in the 21st century. The number of Hispanics and Asians is soaring, the number of blacks is growing slowly and whites are almost at a standstill.

Hispanics are an ethnic group of people who can be of any race. Most Hispanics identified themselves as white. The number of whites who indicated for the census that they are Hispanic increased by 56 percent.

They tried to tell white folks it was time to start getting scared…

Here’s the real science behind it:

Whites who are not Hispanic are getting older on average, and have low birthrates that, when coupled with the high birthrates of Hispanics and Asians, make whites a smaller share of the population with every census count.

Even when Hispanics are included, the percentage of whites in the total population still declined over the past decade, from 75 percent to 72 percent.

Whites increasingly are gravitating to the South and the West. The white population grew by 4 percent in the South and 3 percent in the West over the decade. But it dropped by more than 1 million people, or 3 percent, in the Northeast and by 300,000 people in the Midwest, less than 1 percent.

Some states experienced outsize growth in the white population. The number rose by 10 percent or more in Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah and Wyoming. The District, which the census treats as a state for statistical purposes, had a 32 percent leap in whites.

Dang, Chocolate City?


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  • So?

    This census means nothing in regards to people of color because whites still control everything! And will continue to do so until we come together demonstrate our own power by establishing first a political stand , an economic foothold in our own communities and rounding up the young people and show them that being some one of color does not automatically mean that we have conform to what what society and our peers negatively expect. We r more than they want us to believe we r!!!! Until we can address some of these issues, this article means NOTHING!

  • KeptWoman

    This is true for the DMV(DC, MD, and VA) area. The housing in the District is no longer affordable for most Blacks. Southeast, DC use to be predominantly occupied by low income Blacks. With the recent change in Southeast, DC the cost of living is now much higher. Now white people are moving in areas that were predominantly Black. Most of the Blacks are now moving to Maryland because it’s more affordable. Mostly in the Prince George’s County and Charles County areas. ~ Now they are making all these upgrades in DC to accomodatr the white folk. The white folk wanted the Blacks out, so they raised the cost of living. smh

  • kaya

    Whites wouldn’t control everything if more black boys went to college and less go to prison.

  • team nymphis


    That is the truest shxt thus far.

    Until we teach our inner-city girls that instead of being badda than the next bich,try to be more intelligent than the next bich.try to have more options than the next bich.and the niqqas also instead of being harder than the next niqqa,be smarter than the next niqqa.uplift yourself and that in turn will motivate the next man.until then,all we will be is the most wit the least.

  • KingK

    That’s bc black ppl and mexicans multiply like monkeys,,, ughhhhhhhhhh at least Obama will b out of office in a year

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