Friday Foolishness

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here’s a little something to get you through the weekend. Enjoy this dutty wine contest where a big gal throws it on a defenseless man and he sho’ nuf handles that @ss.

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  • Naija Gal

    What a shame.

  • Okay!!

    What the Hell?!?!

  • SASH // Jamaican Queen

    lol..what the heck is this? I thought passa passa in Ja was bad. American’s top us yo lolololol

  • gary

    That’s in London not America, learn to read.

  • Real Black dude

    WE got to do better.

  • Dyma

    lmao Jumpoff’s video forever slay me

    poor thing i thought she was gonna snap his neck off!

  • The Bear (I bleed swagger)

    Whoa she look like she tryin to break his neck.

    Hope he got a chiropractor on sssspeed dial.

  • Creole Baby Says Trick or Treat MothaFukka

    dirty j-makins

  • Rayna

    That is not dancing. They look like wild beast going at it. What a shame.

  • Diamond

    WOW that the hell is going on out there??? This is a waste of time and this is soooooo lame !!

  • crest

    she must be his ex girlfriend the way she tried to break his neck. the funniest part is her trying to pull down her dress because she wants to remain classy while he mounts his face,lmfao.

  • sad

    LMAO what kind of foolishness is this??? This is supposed to be dancing? Why are Jamaicans so damn rough?? lol

  • s

    thats not dutty wine – thats a kind of daggerin – learn ur ja dances

  • alexandra

    dam i thought she was going to break his

  • Phenomenal Me... Ms. Dee (4 mo' days and Joe the Skin Head Plumber can fade to black... LITERALLY!)

    WTF???? I’ve seen a many Jamaican dutty wine in my day, but I aint seen no ish like dis!!! If this is what they’re doing now, I’d rather go watch cage fighting, or the WWF!!! Wack!

    And to the person who commented on the chick trying to pull her dress down trying to remain classy!!! YOU ARE DEAD ON!!!! LMAO!!!!

  • Phenomenal Me... Ms. Dee (4 mo' days and Joe the Skin Head Plumber can fade to black... LITERALLY!)

    On second thought, she may not have wanted the cameras to catch a glance at that WilderBeast down there, since she probably goes unshaven!!! YUCK!!!

  • noelle

    is that how they do it in Jamaica/New York???

  • And What?

    Thats The Jump Off..Which Happens in LONDON ENGLAND not JA or NY…

  • 100%

    We shall overcome, we shall………..yea right!

  • jim

    lol that’s so hot,but i think the videoes on re much hotter an dbetter than the vodeoes here

  • OrangeSharpie

    that is so damn stupid

  • Lady Architect


  • Scooby Dubious

    all stereotypes are true.

  • Anton Slizzardhands

    These people done lost dey mindz

    ya dig

  • Bigfat Hairy-Entrepierna


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