Rude Gal RihRih Boo’ed By Irish Audience After Being Tardy For The Party

- By Bossip Staff

Rihanna is continuing to have bad luck with the Irish. The singer ticked off tons of fans at her show in Belfast Thursday when she failed to secure an opening act to keep the crowd entertained as they waited HOURS for her to appear. The audience let their anger be known by booing!

A sell-out Odyssey crowd of 7,000, mostly young women wearing heels longer than their skirts, packed into the arena for the beginning of a three-night run of Rihanna’s Loud tour.

Unfortunately they were left waiting for hours as the superstar did not take to the stage until very late, much to the anger of those present.

It had all started so brightly. Scottish DJ Calvin Harris warmed the crowd up, although they hardly needed any encouragement.

Apparently unable to play any instruments, Harris bravely improvised by seemingly playing a cassette of his favourite elevator tunes and repeatedly telling Belfast to “put your arms in the air”. He received a deafeningly positive reception — but the crowd was getting more and more restless the longer Rihanna’s arrival on stage was delayed.

Fans amused themselves for well over 90 minutes with the obligatory Mexican wave and some good old-fashioned mindless punch-ups.

Just before 10pm loud boos rang out from the masses, as there was still no sign of the elusive popstar.

Another 15 minutes with still no show and the boos became more sustained and ugly.

Finally the 23-year-old, no respect at all for reviewers’ deadlines, arrived on stage in the middle of what appeared to be a giant hamster’s wheel.

Surrounded by dancers dressed like Teletubbies she was wearing a blue raincoat and sparkly underwear.

As soon as she launched into a raucous version of Only Girl in the World the crowd’s anger immediately dissipated and Rihanna was their pop idol once more.

Clearly the superstar is enjoying Northern Ireland’s Indian summer and she wasted no time in discarding her raincoat and spent most of the night in various forms of undress.

The show itself was fine. A huge mixture of big noise, big screens, expensive props, swearing and suggestive dancing.

During Shut Up And Drive, a car appeared from underneath the stage and a number of dancers then proceeded to pretend to batter the hell out of it for no obvious reason.

It was that sort of night.

The music itself was mostly forgettable, Umbrella being a noticeable exception.

No problem with any of what happened when Rihanna did appear but the wait was unforgivable.

Get it together RihRih! We know you’re a bad girl, but there’s no excuse for you allowing fans to have a bad time.


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  • Mila

    I’ve been riding with Rihanna since 05′(day one) when she was actually a sweet,well put together young woman.Now she is publically prounccing around like a whore…O.o I like her nonetheless & my daughter loves her music;;its just funny to see how much she’s changed in 6yrs!

  • Miss Kerri



    She could get the rug burn! BANG-BANG-BANG-BANG-BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • layla

    Why no opening acts? Surely they could have even used a local act. And would have an apology been so difficult! I love her, but such diva antics are not warranted. She is pretty young in the business. She needs to get it together if she wants to last.

  • Steelcitychick

    Oh well…don’t feel bad for her, nor the idiots who spend money to watch this one trick poney live!

  • ImSoChi

    Just to be fair she did apologize thru twitter…like all celebs do these days. She also thank them for being patient and said that there was a unforeseen problem. You are right tho about her needing a openings act at least to by her time if there is another problem.

  • aukira aka misscrazies

    wow i didnt like rihanna wen she first came out n i still dont like her n neva will hmmm…. Y am i not surprised

  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    Its rude gyal not gal.. Tuh!

  • Maurice

    Maurice reblogged this on I Don't Make The News.

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