Swirlin’ In Spain: Halle “I Broke My Foot Chasing A Goat” Berry, Nahla, And Boo Olivier Martinez

- By Bossip Staff

SMH at Halle Berry revealing that she broke her foot chasing a goat. WTF??

On Sept. 21, says the source, Berry was at her villa in Majorca and spotted her daughter Nahla, 3½, chasing a goat. A split second later, the three of them were scrambling across this little stretch of rocky countryside – Halle chasing her daughter and her daughter chasing a goat.

Finally, says the source, Berry caught up with Nahla, grabbed her little girl, started back to her villa – and that’s when she stumbled over a rock and broke her foot.

This pic is sooooooo precious!!

Looks like lil Nahla is feelin mommy’s boo 🙂 More images of the family in Majorca, Spain below:

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  • Macori

    Can this child walk?

  • Blue Moon

    Lol dat story is cute..so is lil Nahlha and Dude..wonder wat Gabby thinks about dis..smh

  • k

    SMH at halle allowing different men around her daughter. Also, I don’t know how old the little girl is but I do know she’s old enough to walk and need not be carried around by Halles different men!

  • b

    Oliver is the only man halle dated since her break up with gabe.so what different men are you talking about. Give names if you can.smh.

  • mee

    Halle has only had one man since she split with Gabriele, so what are you talking about different men? And yes her kid can walk, but lam sure there’s paparazzi all over them, it makes sense to carry her so she doesn’t get trumpled over..IMO

  • saywhat!

    Umm Oliver is the only guy she’s dated since her break up. What, she is suppose to give up on luv just becuz a few idiots don’t like it? Please! He seems to treat her and her daughter well so good for them.

  • crossbtween

    does anyone notice that lady in one of the pics who is randomly whispering in halle’s ear? She isn’t in any of the other pics and it looks odd, like where did she come from lol

  • ChicaChe

    Who the heck is that all on Halle’s shoulder? Damn, back up give her some room to breath

  • Christielove1468

    @Crossbtween:Yes,i am also wondering where did that broad came from too? She was not in any of the other pics with Halle,Nahla and Olivier. Nahla is too CUTE! She will be four next year in March.

  • saywhat!

    Idk, but I think Oliver is a good match for her. Maybe becuz he is more mature and at an age were he’d probably be ready for a commitment. She needs sum1 mature. The young guys haven’t been working out for her. Just ask Demi Moore about tht;)

  • Greeneyedbandit

    She really dont want her lil girl to bond with her dad,broke foot or not.

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