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Does this heifer know it’s 2011?

The British media is digging for dirt falling in love with Kelly Rowland now that she’s a UK TV star. And somehow, the Mirror dug up LaTavia Roberson who was more than happy to reminisce about how rough the Destiny’s Child days and how wonderful Kelly turned out despite it all.

First she told them that Daddy Matty was a tyrant.

The tears fell hard when manager Matthew ­Knowles, father of bandmate Beyonce, tore into her after a Destiny’s Child show where she had faltered during a dance routine he had drilled into “his” girls.

“Where were you tonight, Kelly?” he bawled at her after a gig in Atlanta in 1997. “I watched you mess up 12 dance steps.”

LaTavia Roberson, Kelly’s childhood friend and a founder member of the all-girl ­supergroup, recalls: “Matthew did not mince his words and it can be tough to take that kind of criticism when you are a little girl. We would try not to let it break us.

“But Kelly was the sensitive one, and sometimes she would go to her room and cry.”

Latavia says he acted like an army drill sergeant, making them sing as they jogged in the park and rehearse dance routines in the ­family living room for hours on end. They even held joint prayer sessions to ask God to help them get the record deal they craved so much. It was like the famously regimented childhood of the Jackson Five.

“We used to call him Joe Jackson,” says Latavia. “It’s not like he beat us with his belt or anything, but he was very strict. Beyonce was the only one brave enough to stand up to him.”

“We worked really hard. It was ­rehearse, rehearse, ­rehearse. It would be the four of us and he was like a drill sergeant. When summertime came he would start a camp at his house in Houston.

“He would make us wake up early in the ­morning and take us to Herman Park. There was a three-and-a-half mile track and we would sing while we jogged around it. Then we would go to the house and ­rehearse.

“That’s what our days consisted of, seven days a week. Looking back, working that hard did cost us our childhood. But at the time we were just focused on living out our dreams.”



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