Basketball Wives L.A.: All The Girls Confront Draya About Being Dead Beat Mom [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

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This is Jackie Christie and Laura telling the rest of the girls about the police report. Now, click here to see the girls confront Draya about the child endangerment police report!

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  • Mrs. Rance

    I first thought Draya was lying, but since I had no evidence to support that conclusion I did a little research. I don’t know if the reporter was fired, but the story is no longer on the newspaper’s site. Then I looked up the 2010 Commonwealth of PA docket and did a search of the docket number on the report the paper published. First of all the format was wrong. The numbers after the last dash was 10. The actual format would have been 2010. Once you change it to the right format and search the docket the number on fake report is not a case against Draya. I personally have judged her very harshly based on this fake story and for that I apologize. It’s pretty clear her mom is raising the boy, but as long as he’s safe that’s cool.

  • Jaye

    These ladies have no life, they look so pathetic picking on this girl. Really who has that much time so go around trying to destroy someone. The are jeolous because Draya is pretty and the all feel threatened. Wat h what I tell Draya is going out better thAn all these broads. I applaude Malayasi she seems to the only one that treats Draya decently!!!!

  • bxluckiiladii

    Lots funny how they want to jump all over draya but Imani abandon her son “allegedly” and Jackie “allegedly” threw her own daughter out with her kids out the house in the middle of the night because she was going to expose Jackie’s tyrannical ways. So quick to point fingers when you have bones in your closet also.

  • haters

    I can’t stand them who do they think they are to bully up on Dyrea I would of clowned all of em and Gloria fake azz had nerve to cry this show is crazy.

  • meme

    I never thought id miss watching Jen, Evelyn Tami and the Miami crew. These L.A. chicks are the worst. Laura keeps going back to a man that kicks her out at the drop of a dime. Gloria and Matt are phony especially since he was arrested for DV. I’m not even going to get on Jackie and those 100 weddings. Who are They to judge?!! That was So childish. They would’ve got drinks to the face And that table that kicked over had that been me. And I would’ve got up. She owes them nothing. Does Laura thinking her relationship is a healthy environment for her kids?!! Draya might be labeled the groupie but she’s the only likable one on the show.

  • Lkrgrl

    To the person that looked up the PA court doc, I did the same thing, you have to search by last name and first name, then search Berks county, you will see it comes up along with a lot of driving offenses. The document is real.

  • nikkislim

    Last night’s show pissed me off! Those b****## really need to leave Draya alone. Jackie has issues with her child, that she abandoned to chase after Doug. Did y’all see that permanate frown own his face last night? He is sick and tired of that greasy neck, fat, loud talking &#*/) he’s married too. He’s just too d)(# afraid to leave her. Imani, thta lying slut know damn well she’s older then what she says. Got more baby daddy’s then she told her ex, her lace front is whack, she needs to fall back. Those Hovan sisters are some fugly birds. NOTHING about them says cute. They whipped. They need to stfu. Google Gloria about the cash for grades scandal.
    Draya appears to be a sweet girl, why she wants to be accepted by these hens, only she can answer. She pretty, and they can’t stand it. Leave them alone girl, they just jealous.
    I’m about to google Jackie fake ?ss and check out her record for boosting back in the day before she hooked up with punkazz DC.

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  • Westside cutie!!!!

    I’m mad at the fact that they got these wack @ss broads representing my city! Except for my Compton homegirl Malaysia! All these bitter broads need to have a stadium full of seats! Imani wack @ss is fake as they come, fake hair, fake age, just fake, fake, fake! I can’t wait until her past come out of the fact that u lied about ur kids to snag a baller, but u lost because he put that @ss on blast, the day of y’all wedding! And Laura have some nerve, her fat @ss is nothing but a baby making machine, u still carry a torch for muhfugga who throws u and ur kid out? And Jackie, tranny looking @ss, is the most bitter of them all! Her and her punk @ss husband are wack! I think she should leave Draya alone and stop hating on her and worry about patching things up with her daughter who is putting her on blast as we speak! Draya is the least of Jackie’s worries, that neck of hers looks like it could use a strict diet, that crap looking like a rope of hot links! And Gloria, I use to like her because she stood up to Shaunie’s flaring nostrils @ss but now she has turned into Shaunie and I despise that! I say Draya do u! U and Malaysia should hang out together and leave them bitter broads to they’re misery!

  • Steelcitychick

    @ mrs.Rance and lkrgrl….nice too see you two are intellegent enough to do your research….bottom line is…when you have a child, this is your priority! Your mom isn’t supposed to be raise him/her while you go out to track you a money bag! This Draya chick, and countless of other no name women find this to be ok!….and it’s not! A child needs to know their mother (if not the father as well)!

  • Justsayin'!

    @steelcitychick definitely agree with what ur saying, however, it’s hard out here! And if a mother can’t be a mother at that moment and she decides to give temporary custody to mom I rather her do that than totally neglect the child and leaving him with the neighbor down street or with foster care! And who’s to say she doesn’t see her son all the time and spend time with him, I’m sure her and her moms have a arrangement! I read that she said that her moms is her biggest support system! I’m giving Draya a break on this one!

  • Steelcitychick

    @ Justsayin….I hear yea on that! Just never undestood just droppin a child of with a family member, so that person can go off and live the life they wanted to, before the kid came along!…I guess, that’s why I don’t have kids, because I know I ‘m not ready and willing support them! I just truely beleive that when you bring a child into the world, you’re life stop and everything is (should be) for the child, until that child is grown and outta the house!…maybe I’m just old minded!….lol

  • Chanel

    Draya is too nice I wish I would explain myself to them old miserable clowns. The Show should be called DRAYA. Bc her name always in they mouths. They making her famous. I believe Draya bc the media can turn some things around Laura know about it since, it was out that her big hating behind was allegedly sleeping with a married man but they not having meetings about that, they better watch her instinct of Draya. Gloria is so fake self with them crocodile tears, how you gone bring her in the group then gang up on her then trying to play hard but didn’t say nothing to Shaunie in, Miami. They need to leave Draya alone she don’t owe them anything. Malajia is the only one other than Draya I like. Draya keep doing you shake them old haters off # teamdraya

  • babyb

    Talk about a God complex. Draya run. Nothing good will come of this.

  • babyb

    Gloria, you are the worst of them all. I remember when you were the underdog. Evil lil thang.

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