Race Matters: Sherri Shepherd Lets Barbara Walters Know She Isn’t Feelin’ Her Use Of The N-Word On “The View”

- By Bossip Staff

No No No BaBa WaWa! You can’t say that word! “The View” got a lil crazy Monday after the ladies started to discuss the controversy over Texas Governor Rick Perry’s former camp — the same camp Herman Cain went in on him about over the weekend.

Whoopi Goldberg intro’d the topic, explaining the controversy over how Perry’s family and friends visited the camp for years before painting over a rock with the word ‘N*****head’ written on it at the gated entrance of the hunting camp.

As she spoke on the subject, Goldberg used the real ‘N-word,’ reporting how Cain also used the word during his Sunday interview.

Goldberg explained: ‘It’s so hard to know what to say now so I just say the word.’

Walters followed Golderbg’s lead, reporting on the name on the sign. ‘It’s very hard for me to say… It gives me chills,’ she said.

However, as soon as Barbara used the word Shepherd made it clear she was offended by the way Walters said the word, although she was okay with Goldberg’s use of it.

When I heard you (Whoopi) say it, it was fine. You said it a different way. When I heard you (Barbara) say it, I didn’t like the way you said it. Because when you say it, you say (inaudible). And I don’t like (inaudible),’ Shepherd said.

When Walters attempted to open up a dialogue, Shepherd admitted she could not explain why she felt differently about her co-hosts saying the word.

Shepherd added: ‘I don’t know if it’s a semantics thing, but it’s something that goes through my body.’

‘It’s because I’m white?’ Walters asked.

Shepherd acknowledged race was the underlying issue: ‘It’s something about hearing you say it… I don’t like it when you use the word… when you say it it’s a different connotation…When white people say it, it brings up feelings in me.’

It was definitely awkward to watch… Check out the video:

What do you think? Is Sherri just trippin’ or was Barbara wildin’ to even attempt to use the word?

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  • YeaISaidIt

    Yes, Sherri was definitely right. Barbara knows better SMH

  • yea!

    Puffisha gurl imma need for u to join rihanna and sherri shepherd in that empty stadium that was reserve for y’all this week ok!,and talk about the dumb shit y’all done do r say, and we all know that Ms. Raisin in the sun right here may be A LOTTTT of things but “humble” aint one of them.

  • Sb

    Sheri was wrong, stop crying wolf at every little thing and have a grown up conversation, the race card loses it’s effect when pulled in situations like this and makes us look petty.

  • Mila

    Ehhh,if the word makes you feel “uncomfortable”,why even attempt to say it?I understand she is a reporter and its her job,but there are ways around it.It probably brought her a little joy being able to say it in public and not getting her butt completely chewed up by the public..lol.

  • Mila

    So I looked at the clip and to me Sherri just looks like a fool.Why are you comfortable saying it and have no problem reffering to others as such,but get offended when a non black person says it.If you don’t like the word don’t say it at all.She’s so goofy,just like these other “women” who get offended if a man calls them a “b” but think its cute if as long as the word “bad” is placed infront of it.Smh,words are just words,we give people too much power of words.

  • NolaNick

    It would be more understandable if it were a 20-year-old white kid saying it because they hear the word thrown around in a non-discriminatory way so often. But Barbara comes from a generation where she understands the connotation of that word. She is pretending that she doesn’t understand why it’s so offensive when white people say it. She was just shocked that Sherri told her that it was offensive for her to say it.

  • Tdotter


  • Harley Quinn

    I think your point was spot-on, NolaNick. The trouble is that Sherri’s thought process isn’t that deep. She isn’t articulate which is a fatal flaw for a talk show hostess. She comes across as an ignorant bafoon (at least to me, anyway), but if she had conveyed something along the lines of what you originally stated, then she probably would have made a valid point and not seem so ridiculously hyper-sensitive and petty. My grandmother was born in 1934- the n-word is an absolute “no-go” for her. My mother and uncles were born in the 1960’s so the n-word is occasionally used in their free-talk with one another. Growing up in the 90’s and 00’s, I’ve had friends black, white, asian, hispanic, etc use the word as a term of endearment that was learned through the casual use of the word in popular music. I guess it depends on your experience…

  • Judy

    White people do say it different they put the er on it that’s more force behind it. I don’t think they will ever understand

  • Michelle

    This is the second time Sherri has snapped on her, Barbara should know better!

  • Jessica

    I don’t care if the word is being used with the supposed safe “ga” ending or the offensive “er” ending. This tired and ignorant word needs to be put to rest. I’m so tired of hearing black people casually refer to each other as “nigg*s period. Its not cool because its setting the standard that the word is acceptable but trust as soon as a non-black person says the word its an issue!! You never hear any other race take racial slurs used to demean themselves and apply it to their everyday lexicon, just black people carelessly disprespecting ourselves. I once saw some young black men at a public event having a conversation and constantly calling each other nigg* not realizing there was a white guy standing by them just grinning with pleasure… There’s hurt and negativity behind the word no matter who uses it imo.

  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    Barbara should know better since she considers herself an intelligent woman. Sherri isnt articulate because if she were she’d realize no one should be using that word. There’s history behind it. & Barbara always bullied sherri. It’s about time she stands up to her. Barbara.. Heh.. More like barbaric.

  • Petri

    It was uncomfortable… And Sherri looked dumb. You don’t tell your boss on national tv not to say something you say!! She’s on her way out..she brings nothing to the show intellectually. She’s done this several times before interrupting Barbara. She needs to know her place.
    Sidenote.. Anyone else found it strange Elizabeth H was a bridesmaid??

  • Petri

    Off topic ( helicopter crash.)
    Huge sigh of relief it was not my husband that crashed into the river. I called him, he’s flying in the same position. I hate my husbands job. He always tells me… when you bitch it ruins my whole day. I’ll try my best to do better babe.

  • http://jenniferwillis19@gmail.com JaDe

    I think if something makes you feel a certain way, your friends or colleagues should respect how you feel. Every feeling isn’t explicable but that doesn’t change the fact the feeling is there. Barbara Walters looked offended because Sherri didn’t like her use of the word. BW should’ve been more sensitive to her feelings instead of taking sherri’s reaction personal. Although Sherri didn’t articulate herself in the best way, I agree with her, white people should not say it. If they have respect, it shouldn’t matter why

  • Dirtywork

    I agree with NolaNick totally..u hit it right on the nail..

  • Rhonda

    I agree with @Jessica!! I’ve experienced similar situations where I’ve listened to people just throw the word around with little to no care to whom is listening or the true meaning behind the word smh. Earlier today I saw the video of Diddy throwing a another B!tch fit at T.I.’s welcome home party and I was taken back how many times he said the “n” word. I think its sad to see such well off businessmen like Diddy speak with such ignorance. You would never see Bill Gates or Warren Buffet acting a complete and uneducated fool like this. As far as the video goes I think its admirable that against “thee Barbara Walters” Sherri took a stand, but with her dimwitted explanation the point was lost. But it was nice to see ole Barbara Wa Wa taken down to size however I wouldn’t be shocked if Sherri suddenly “goes on vacation or takes time off”…. Hmmm

  • ChicaChe

    No one should be referred to as an N word! So nobody should use the word at all if you find it offensive…

  • dame shame

    hell yea sherri was right and iam going to tell u why n1gga have been thrown back in the day when white people called us that so hell naw white people cant say it or they will get handed to them and that the truth

  • http://Ellfgw@Verizon.net Walker


  • Cush33

    Sherri I think was trying to make a simple point which is she’s uncomfortable when people of another race use the word. There is no reason to be overly articulate about telling someone how you feel. It was clear that Barbara wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to use the word on national tv. She really had no reason why she should repeat the word. Sherri shouldn’t have told barbara in that manner. But I think it was brave of her to tell Barbara how she felt. I hope she has a job lined up, cause she won’t be back next season.

  • Nobabra

    Barbara was anxious to say the word. As soon as she heard Whoopi use it, she jumped in and interrupted her just so she can say that word. Her interjection was silly because it made no sense to stop Whoopi from making a point when she (Barbara) didn’t have one. She basically just interrupted to say “n*gger” and then asked Whoopi “what do you think”.

  • Chas

    Barbara was totally wrong to use the word in public…I totally agree with Sherri and actually she and Whoopi are the only ones that should have used the word during that segment. Those two would never use the word pecker**** or honk** on national tv or before someone of the opposite race. Bottom line is “RESPECT”

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