Eff A Thug: The Craziest Face Tattoo Mugshots Of The Year!

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While we’d love for people to stay out of jail, we suuuuure do love making fun of mughots.

The good people over at Brobible dug up the craziest tattoo mugshots of the year that you just have to see to believe.

This is Michael Campbell, a Missouri area sex offender has been arrested dozens of times over the last 16 years for still trying to creep up on playgrounds. What, like no one would call the cops?

Talk about him all you want, but at least this guy had the forethought to get the words on his head so that they weren’t spelled backwards. That’s better than we can say for so many idiots.

So…that tattoo kind of makes his face look like an exotic vagina. How does anyone think they can get away with crimes with such distinctive face tattoos? Oh, right. They don’t.

Look at his forehead. That’s an Air Jordan symbol. A freaking Air Jordan symbol?! People that get labels tatted on their faces should just automatically go to jail anyway.

Kidnap and murder. Not funny. But…what in every single FAWK is that on the inside of his head? Are those…lumps? And did he put them in himself? That’s just…*skin crawls*

He was arrested for having a samurai sword in his car. So we’ll just assume that the tattoos were part of some ritual thing related to his samurai warriorship. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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    When arrested, all he had to say was “my preciousssssssss”. Seriously, dude’s face looks like a newborn baby. Yes, this will give you nightmares. Sorry for exposing you to this.

    He shot up a vehicle in Sacramento. It wasn’t difficult for the police to find him. He has his hometown ON HIS TOP LIP!! Hopefully the car he shot up has his tattoo artist in it.

    So this guy pistol whipped a pregnant woman. And he has “genius” tattoo’d on his head. We think people should have to get their tattoos approved by a committee of common sense that vetoes incredibly stupid decisions.

    Bitter Beer Faaaaace!!!! It looks like a blind man left a signature on this guy’s head. Actually, that’s a radio station on his head. A radio station?! #nowords

    He tried to kill his wife. But he should be thankful that anyone in this world was willing to marry a man with a dumb a$$ “hard as life” tattoo on his head. We wonder what she looked like!

    Nothing says “employ me” like some Nazi symbols on his neck. Our favorite part? “Fun” on his chin. What isn’t fun about a neo Nazi skin head?

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      some nut is actually marrying #13. an ethnic woman, no less. #wordsfailme

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