Did BeyBey Get It From Her Mama? Throwback Shots Of Tina Knowles

- By Bossip Staff

With BeyBey expecting a lil one soon we thought we’d look back for some clues about the family genes… Matty Knowles has spoken in interviews before about how fine Tina was back in the day — Do you agree?

So who wins the Who Looks More Bangin’ in this case? BeyBey or Mama T???

More shots below:

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  • Bunni2Gay

    Man Beyonce is going to end up looking like her mom, I mean look at that old picture of her mom sitting on the floor..

  • Mila

    How old is this heffer anyway??I’m saying lol..Look how cute Bey was as a kid..and with that pretty hair,wtf happened?Uhm yeah..but Tina was bad back in her time.

  • Beautiful Texas roots

    Wonder what you and your mother looks like now? Tina and her daughters all beautiful inside and will always be.


    Oh so that’s why Beyonce moms act that way when it comes to Beyonce’s career because she grew up beautiful but poor!!!she didnt have money to do what Beyonce is doing today her mother had to make all her clothes until she met a business man like Mathew knowles with tricks up his sleeves to keep her out of the Hood and ghetto…can’t say the same for solange “thoe” but I think for some reason Tina knowles seen herself in Beyonce all these years and it could be just a mothers thing!!!but she never seem like she was into anything solange did for the media Mathew was the same way quick to shut anybody down who came at Beyonce wrong!!!imeen poor solange she gets know breaks from day one solange has always been put on hold when she signed her first record deal it didn’t get much media attention because people was talking about beyonce and destiny’s child,when she got married she couldn’t talk about it due to beyonces solo career but as I recalled when Beyonce got married to jayz back in 2008 everybody praised her but didn’t do the same for solange and how about when solange gave birth to her first child could’ve been one of the happiest moments of her life once again she couldn’t embrace it like a normal mother should due to beyonce’s movie and solo career but I’ve notice 5 or 6 years later when Beyonce got pregnant with her first child people act as if this baby was the golden child or something!!! (No disrespect to the child♥)….just saying

    And for those of you who said I don’t like Beyonce you’s a damn lie I take nothing from her…. she’s talented and I hope she’ll stick around for a long time cuz ill rather listen to her instead of Ashanti and Ciara, Keri Hilson just to name a few!!!…(Beyonce is just one of the few who I voice my opinion on)

    Let the stans hating begin!!!5,4,3,2,1

  • Lala

    Bey has always been beautiful & always had long hair. Her hair is still long. Yes she has been seen without make-up & weave before, & this girl is naturally gorgeous. She does look just like her mom & there is nothing wrong wit that. Tina is a beautiful lady. So is solange.

  • Common Cent$

    What about these pictures indicate poverty I’m sorry I’m don’t follow if you consider the time period and what she has on you can clearly see they had money you can’t compare beyonce and solange bcuz solange is more a free spirit and while I personally like her music its not popular with the main stream they tried to make it stick but it wouldn’t work oh and the reason they didn’t want to talk about her marriage had more to do with the fact that she was 17 and pregnant and they were trying to keep it under wraps people embraced beyonces’ pregnancy more bcuz she was in a well established and stable relationship

  • Steelcitychick

    Every other time I see Tina, she looked like a total pretentous, stuck up bytch….these pics with her daughters (before the money) make her look more down to earth! She’s a nice looking women, and I see where the daughters got their looks!….I bet they both thank god that neither one got dads looks!

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