Sunday Surgery Slips Vol. 1: Lil Kim

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Dr. 90210 has taken on Lil Kim as a patient and issued her countless surgery slips. Kimberly Jones was once a very pretty girl but evidently not in her own eyes. The Queen Bee was alright with a few nips but clearly the doctor kept calling her.

Pop the hood to see more of the original Lil Kim.

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  • Marquis de Sade



    When plastic surgery goes bad smh…

  • Kimmie More

    Damn, what happened Kim? Can’t go back now…

    Puff, can you say ‘how you doin?’

  • Princess Aokie Lee aka BDR

    Lil Kim was very cute and a the breast job was never a good look for her. No comment on her face after the surgery.

  • blueprint

    its a damn shame…she ws so pretty b4 all dat

  • Mike

    She really did too much. I thought she was a dime back in the day when she was on the cover of that hardcore album.

  • jammy

    Can we say Michael Jackson in the making….lol

  • http://yahoo Sexxyog49


  • Nadyah

    Damn, she fell off hard.

  • Fergulicious

    she really looks just like a female Michael Jackson.

  • ReBeL

    Diddy looks like a gay monkey in that pic.

  • jammy

    ReBeL:Diddy looks like a gay monkey in that pic.

    For real….lol

  • Bella

    IT’S REALLY SAD, When out women don’t like self because of skin color. And Lil Kim was a cute girl back in the day. But she did not know who she was, therfore she was always trying to look and be somebody white. Micheal is everthign I don’t want my son to want to look like, and Lil Kim is what I don’t want my daughter to look like, or feel so bad about herself that she does THIS.

  • MissBeethe1

    @ Rebel

    hahahahahahaaaaa U wrong for that one but it was 2 funny.

    on a serious note this is why we need to make sure all our babies have all the self love and self esteem any one person can handle and theres is no such thing as to much love or self esteem so what if they r a little full of themselves.

    I am a big Queen B fan as far a music and performing because she is an entertainer so keep doing u Queen B just stay away from the knife.

  • tia

    she was so pretty…why did she do that to herself…i need a tell all book or something kim

  • ashley_ya_gyrl_4real

    These celebrities don’t know when to stop. Its more like an addiction. But I can’t stand the thought of getting put to sleep for surgery. LOL I hate when my body is forced to do somethin so no surgery for me!

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    Top 20 Snitchez

  • janeblazze

    lil kim did say that every man she had left her for a more european or asian looking woman.. so that would create esteem issues.. She looks like she took a picture of misa to the dr to me.. but i still like kim

  • MeLLoWMoOdd

    @ Ashley ya gyrl 4real I agree…

    It does seem to be an addiction, mental illness, or something. I don’t think she knows how much beauty we SAW in her (previously). All the plastic people in Hollyweird start looking alike…its so satanic. What about God given beauty?

  • monique

    damn i feel bad for her.micheals nose is falling off and hers is next.imagine that face in 10 yrs….SMDH!

  • karl

    Kimmie was hangin out w/Pam Andreson in the early 2000’s maybe that influenced her decision to have surgery…

  • always knew

    Damn, this really is a shame. She used to be so pretty, before the knife…Self-esteem is a mother…( it really has nothing to do with MONEY), it’s how you see yourself..If you’re not happy poor, then most likely, you won’t be happy rich, either…It’s all how you see yourself…Good luck with that,Kim…

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Lil Miss Plastic face needs to take a good look in the mirror and quit listening to her posse’ before it’s too late to stop the madness. All the botox and face injections in the world ain’t going to turn her into a black Marilyn Monroe or reverse the hands of time. I hope she don’t end up jacking her mug up to the point that she turns into a recluse and have to wear a bag over her face.

    She need to quit f’ing with the Dr. SoHo!

  • xpressyurself

    lil kim is ugly. she is a person that hates her skin color. i can’t stand looking at this hoe. at least she looked human b4.

  • tasty

    why kim why. she didnt need to touch herself period. maybe the nose a lil bit but thats it. she really messed herself up. i hope some of it can be reverses

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