What Is Wrong With This Billboard???

- By Bossip Staff

Aw poor lil chubby lumpkins babies! The campaign against childhood obesity has drawn some ire for billboards like these, which you may have seen if you live in Georgia, thanks to the Georgia Children’s Health Alliance, the organization behind the cause…

While it’s definitely important that we recognize the dangers of obesity, especially for our kids, at the same time people have to be mindful that bullying is another issue endangering the babies and ads like these may only cause further stigmatization for the kiddies.

We all know how this works, aren’t these billboards just more ammo for lil bullies, mean girls and jocks to start teasing lil chubby kids about diabetes???

We think ads like this might just make kids pick even more!

If you think these ads and billboards need to stop you can reach out to The Obesity Action Coalition HERE

Check out more ads from the Stop Childhood Obesity campaign when you continue…

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  • notangie

    Nothing is wrong with that billboard. The billboard is true! When did people get so PC that the truth is a problem. 25 years ago when people became to PC to say “hey…too many kids out of wedlock” it became socially acceptable and now nobody has a daddy. People need to hear the real!

  • Steelcitychick

    Nothing wrong with this billboard ad!
    If parents were proactive about their kids health, the majority of these health issues would not be a problem, and the bullies would just find something else to pick on,….cause that’s what bullies do!

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