Eddie Long Wants That Hush Money Back From Those Boys For Trying To Air Him Out Anyway!

- By Bossip Staff

Maybe Eddie should leave well enough alone.

Attorneys representing Eddie Long’s church have informed three of the five young men who accused the pastor of sexual coercion that they intend to recover nearly $1 million from their financial settlement, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has learned.

The letter, sent this week by the Atlanta law firm Drew Eckl & Farnham, alleges that Jamal Parris, Spencer LeGrande and Centino Kemp violated terms of a confidentiality agreement outlined in the settlement with Long and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. The firm is seeking at least $900,000 already paid the three accusers, according to people involved in the settlement but not authorized to speak publicly. That figure is a portion of the total settlement with the three men.

The kids and their attorney, though, aren’t budging:

“No one’s going to turn over the money just simply because you’ve asked for it,” Pace said. “You’re going to have to earn it back by establishing your right to it in the courts.”

Parris and LeGrande, who broke their silence in an interview with the AJC last month, said at the time they were aware of the risk. “I’m going to tell the world – money does not buy happiness,” LeGrande said in August. “When you sleep at night, the problems are still there. The money stuff, who cares about the number.”

“I feel like burning [the money],” he said. Pace said the state’s courts take violations of confidentiality agreements seriously. “Confidentiality is one of the key benefits of a settlement agreement,” said Pace, adding ,”It is the policy and practice of Georgia courts to strongly uphold a settlement.”

The victims are also planning on writing tell-all books about their affair and time with Eddie Long. So no matter if Long wants his money back or not, the boys will still be making it rain if they get book and movie deals. Eddie just looks even worse for trying to get his money back. It makes it seem like the boys are telling the truth. Will this ever go away?

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  • southerswagg

    I don’t really agree with the writer I think this makes the boys look money hungry and it make eddie long look like hes just wants to get this behind (innocent or not)…and I am not takin side cuz personally I don’t beleave nobodies innocent in this thing eddie or the boys but if they agreed to with the settlement and the terms namely the confidentiality clause they should be sued or forced to give back the money b/c they are not upholding their part of the agreement

  • Westside cutie!!!!

    Eddie LongStroke better kick rocks! Those guys don’t owe him crap! That’s why I don’t think it’s about the money with these guys because they’re letting they’re voices be heard and letting everybody know that Eddie is not a man of God but the man/ slave to the Devil, and they’re doing it for free! They’re talking to anyone that’s interested! Imma say this: if Eddie Long was innocent like he said he was, in no way he would’ve paid them boys! Paying up and settling has Guilty written all over it! And his flock of blind sheep is just as guilty because they still go to this church and give their money away to him! I know we as Christians are suppose to forgive, but how can we forgive him when he hasn’t repent and admit his guilt? It’s not too late for Eddie, God is a forgiving God!

  • Steelcitychick

    As much as I believe Eddie deserves to be put on blast for takin advantage of these guys….a deal is a deal! If the contract stipulates no running at the mouth, they need to honor that!….shoulda never signed the deal, if you wanted to tell the story!
    Now I’m guessing, someone told these guys they could make more money to tell the story on hardback!!

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