It Could Be Purple, It Could Be Drank: A Mega Gallery Of The Most Slizzard Celebs

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Celebrities like to party. A lot. Just as much as we do. The good thing is our drunkenness isn’t broadcast across the world for millions so see.

Oh well, poor them. Let’s enjoy!

Ben Roethlisberger – Look at Big Ben, well on his way to roofying another young victim. The sad thing is, this was right before the Super Bowl! Bad form.

Michael Jordan – MJ used to do this crazy sh*t right before games and still dropped 50. So all of those “off the court distractions” other players talk about are just rubbish.

Lil Wayne – Rumor has it that Weezy used to get high and drink from time to time. Here’s just one picture of proof. Believe it or not, he was supposedly sober at the VMAs. Ha.

Jay-Z – You never catch Hov slipping, right? Wrong. He looks mighty slurred on this one and his face is looking all twisted. We see you on lean, Hovito.

Beyonce – Oh, you didn’t think Bey Bey got her party on, too? Beyonce looks like she’s down for the count. As long as she’s not doing it with little Beyvito in her tum tum.

Rihanna – All she wants to do is bone and drink. Bone. Drink. She said it herself. We haven’t seen her in the act of getting it on, we have seen her wasted beyond belief.

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    Drake – He’s rapped about getting wasted a ton, but it’s rare to see him all messed up. This is Drizzy in his liquored up glory.

    Chris Brown – Breezy likes to get his party on, but he’s probably an angry, belligerent drunk. Wonder if he can moonwalk while wasted?

    Kanye West – The most infamous drunk incident of the last few years came from Kanye hopping on stage and grabbing Taylor Swift’s microphone and calling Beyonce the greatest of all times! Thank you for getting wasted off that Henny.

    Paris Hilton – Look at her. She can barely stand. We wonder if this had her too hung over to work on her genius dissertation in the morning.

    Lindsay Lohan – LiLo is probably the White Girl Wasted all-star. This picture is actually what we remember her for more than any other one. Sad.

    Naomi Campbell – Naomi has had her battles with the bottle and other vices, and this really showed how wasted she can get. Such a shame to waste a shirt like that.

    Christina Aguilera – She’s, of course, next on the list. Aguilera likes to party just as hard as her other Becky counterparts. She’s looking quite classy here.

    Lady Gaga – If we were betting people, we’d bet that Lady Gaga enjoys her fair number of random drinks and narcotics. But that’s just if we’re going out on a limb. Here’s the Lady enjoying the fine liquor. Yum.

    Eminem – Em is sober as a snail now, but this picture is from back in the day. He’s probably got a mix of all kinds of alcohol and narcotics. Or…he could just be sleepy.

    Kimmy Cakes – Damn, girl. Take it straight to the head! She’s more hardcore than Reggie, probably.

    Snoop – He’s got a love of the greenery, which may be why he’s having so much fun. But it also looks like a good bit of booze is in his system too.

    Wiz Khalifa – Wiz might not be drunk here, but every time you see him, he’ll probably be high. He’s probably never had a sober interview. It’s only a matter of time before we see Amber Rose running around high as a kite too.

    Dirk Nowitzki – He deserved this big a$$ bottle of Ace Of Spade. He’d just won the freaking championship! LeBron drank a glass of sorrow and despair. Fun times.

    Vince Young – Yes, this is very homoerotic. And when he was in the news, this was the picture they used for him every time. Not a good look for a burly football player.

    Allen Iverson – He went from top baller that partied and drank…to former baller that drinks all day and wishes he were still in the league. Not the most healthy way of life anymore.

    DMX – Okay, so he may not be drunk. But he’s probably on his giddy up with a white horse. Rumor has it, he enjoys that from time to time. But you didn’t hear it from us.

    Bow Wow – Is this little clown even old enough to drink? We bet he’s that annoying kid that drinks to be cool but no one takes him seriously. We’ve all been there.

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