Is October Save-A-Ho Month??? Tiger’s Ex Jumpoff Rachel Uchitel Got Married Too

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like Superhead wasn’t the only one who bagged a man who doesn’t care that the whole world knows who’s seen her lady parts.

TMZ reports someone made an honest woman out of Rachel U-Can-Tell-I’m-A-Ho this weekend too.

Rachel Uchitel and boyfriend Matt Hahn got married impulsively Sunday, after attending the wedding of one of their friends.

We broke the story about the marriage, and now we know the details. Rachel and Matt went to the marriage bureau at the courthouse on Sunday to get a marriage license, then went to the legendary Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, where Bruce Willis married Demi Moore, and Britney Spears married whatshisname.

At 11 PM Sunday, Rachel, Matt and 12 friends danced into the chapel to the song, “Single Ladies.” After the ceremony, they danced out of the chapel to the song, “That’s What You Get for Waking Up in Vegas.”

They didn’t party afterwards. Rachel and Matt went back to her grandmother’s house at midnight, where they were staying.

No, seriously. Is today the international month of redemption for women with questionable pasts or something? Because we know more than a few people who might be interested in that kind of information.

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  • dude u got uterus envy bad!

    Bossip/Twan….you know you have had more men than all those female…..see if you can’t get one of your ” jump ups ” to marry you…NY, NY!

  • Who

    He is handsome,some girls get all the luck.

  • Kim

    And some tramp like her will screwing her husband. It’s called KARMA

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